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Where do you stand on PDA?  The question was asked in the news yesterday when Arnaud Lagardere, a leading French businessman, decided to inform the whole world of his relationship with a (very, very tall & pneumatic) model with cheesy, borderline pictures (have a look at the video here –no need to understand what they say anyway, just look…).

What on earth did they want to achieve? Apparently, various articles mention the fact that this is an “old, robust” relationship (5 of 6 months – would you believe it?)…Yeah, right.  Maybe it is some sort of mid-life crisis (he turned 50 in March). Poor guy. Maybe he wants to prove a point (he loves brunettes? He is not gay? He can have a relationship that lasts more than 2 weeks?). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I don’t understand what went into him. After all, he is supposed to be a businessman, not a reality TV star.
That said, I have a theory (actually, I have many theories, but that’s just one of them): if a couple needs public displays of affection it is often because their relationship is not strong enough. They must suffer from some confidence issues and need to be seen in public to feel stronger. After all, it is a (sometimes mild) form of exhibitionism, don’t you think?
I don’t like it when people are all cuddly with each other on the Tube or in the street, oblivious to the fact that other people are trying to go to work, and feeling immensely proud because others are shocked. Maybe I am just a bit old-fashioned.
For some reason, I see more PDAs in London than in Paris. Who said the British were stuck up? I remember this guy – a bit chubby, pale skin and home-made haircut with geeky glasses. I felt like I was a witness to his love life for a few months. He must be working in a building next to mine. He was walking, from time to time, with what looked like a female colleague of his (a petite brunette with long hair). At first, they were just friends. They I saw them holding hands and, based on the large smile he had, he was very happy. She seemed more reserved. Then, I saw them kissing passionately on the street. I could even see his tongue. As I was on my way to my morning coffee my sense of humor hadn’t woken up yet and I stood there, staring at them for a couple of seconds to show my discontent. They found it hilarious.
A couple of weeks later, he was on his own again. I felt like telling him “I am sorry it didn’t work out.”, but I decided against it. After all, I must be becoming British.

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