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In France, Christmas is a mainly a family affair. In London, Christmas is nothing less than a winter social season. I am already exhausted and it has barely started. I keep hearing things like “Can you believe it? It’s already Christmas. Oh, I love Christmas!”.  Am I allowed to say that I can’t wait for it to be over?

First of all, I am all over the place. There are Christmas fairs, Christmas balls, Christmas plays, Christmas drinks and Christmas dinners. It never stops and I have to organise everything of course. “But Christmas is all about magic! It is the spirit that matters!”. Right, the thing is, I have to organise all the tricks, and drive everybody all over London to various parties. I don’ t see the magic of it at all. I just see that it is expensive and incredibly time-consuming. And I am already exhausted.

I will do most of my shopping on the Internet. We might spend a few days in France. Things will not be any easier over there as my parents are divorced and will want me to spend the exact same amount of time with each of them. No family dinner for us –they still don’t talk to each other. It will be tricky. They divorced 15 years ago, but some things never change. Maybe I should stay in London and take it easy. I am tired of trying to be a dutiful daughter of parents who behave like playground bullies.

To make matters even worse, I feel like an old fart. Everybody but me is happy about the Christmas season.  I went to see my daughter’s school play yesterday. I was looking forward to an evening with my teenage daughter. Silly old me. The play was great, but my daughter dropped me like an old sock as soon as she saw her friends. I had saved a seat next to me for her. She came, she sat, and off she went to sit with her friends (without me of course). My only role was, in fact, to pay for the show, drive her there and take her back. Lovely.

So here is my question today. As I am French, do you think that I should go on Christmas strike? Should I stop the parties, relax, and skip Christmas altogether? That would be a treat!
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London