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I have found the perfect bracelet for the ceremony

Tomorrow is the end of a journey for me. I have my citizenship ceremony at 9.30 am. Then, I will be a British citizen. I thought that it was going to be a formality but I can already feel butterflies in my tummy. I also have a vague feeling of betrayal, probably because my education instilled in me a sense that nothing could top up France. Everybody keeps asking me why I want to become British, which doesn’t help. After all, with a French passport, surely I don’t need to become British. Well, my daughters are answering back to me in English now and, the more I look at what is happening in France, the more I am convinced that I am making the right choice. I will have dual citizenship anyway.

What really tipped the scales in favour of British citizenship was what happened a little over a month ago. National French newspaper “Liberation”’ main headline was as follows:

This is a picture of Bernard Arnault, one of the wealthiest French businessmen, with a luggage. The headline translates “P**s off, rich c**t !” – without the stars, obviously. The rude headline was published because Bernard Arnault has applied for Belgium citizenship. He denies that his application is for tax reasons and will keep his dual nationality, but because of it he had to face a torrent of abuse.

 I am stunned. The violence of this headline gets me. This is pure incitation to hate, don’t you think? Is it ever acceptable to insult somebody in such a public way? Whatever your political opinion might be, I don’t think that the use of such an invective is ever justified. I hope that Bernard Arnault will win his case against them. Castigating the rich and the entrepreneurs might not help the ailing French economy. Quite the opposite, in fact. Let’s face it: I don’t understand my home country any more.

To make matters even worse, this headline also implies that applying for another nationality makes you a bad person. There are all sorts of reasons why people want to apply for another citizenship. As for me, I just moved to London to keep my family together. Should have I stayed in France out of patriotism? Please, give me a break.

The good news is that I seriously doubt that my application will make any headline. Phew! Just don’t tell the French!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Hollande doesn’t like the rich (how ironic) and it’s now acceptable to openly hate business owners, creators of wealth, creators of jobs etc.

    It’s unbelievable the jealousy and bad feeling being expressed without any embarrassment, even from people who should know better.

    I get asked the same questions: do I want to be French? -No, ta. Why not? (*incredulous and a wee bit hurt*) -Because I’m British…

    • Well, I am British too now. I just don’t understand my home country any more!!!

  • Everyone in my family has dual nationality – nothing wrong with it in today’s world!

    • Well, it looks like you belong to a modern family. In mine, I am the only one to have dual citizenship….

  • Wow! But it seems that there is a political reason for the ugly headline that doesn’t apply to you. There’s nothing wrong with living your life the way you see fit. Congrats, Muriel!

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    • Thank you Adriene! And my application will not make the headlines anyway!

  • Well I think we’re lucky to have you, whatever France thinks about it! Hope the ceremony goes well and congratulations on your expanding citizenship.

    I think multiple citizenships is the way the world is going – you’re just ahead of the curve. It opens more doors and options for a person, allowing greater flexibility and choice; what’s bad about that?

    • Nothing, there is nothing bad about that…But it is not how my fellow French citizen seem to see it!

  • I too have a British passport and a real one!

    • Ah Ah! Why isn’t the British passport real?