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As a parent, I believe that it is important to read to my children as often as possible. To be honest, I think that it is a bit easier for me than for my English friends because I can discover new stories instead of the classic French ones (La Fontaine, anyone?). We don’t have the hungry caterpillar in France. Nor do we have the Tiger Who Came For Tea. But, best of all, we don’t have aliens love underpants (if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. I think that I know if my heart now, because the other day I ‘read’ it while folding my little one’s clothes. My life is all about multitasking, and I must have developed skills I didn’t even know I had).
I also believe that bad readers don’t exist. They are just children who haven’t found the right books just yet. That said, as much as I like children’s books, it is not about me, it is about my little one. The school gives us books to read, which we do very diligently. It has become some sort of routine, really. We do it everyday. To be fair, there are a few funny books, but she is not reading them because she likes them, she is reading them because she has to. Sad but true. So, how on earth will I instill into her the love of books?
When I was contacted by My Little Big Town to review children’s books, I thought: why not? They kindly sent me three books instead of one and I decided to give it a go with my 7-year-old. She loved them, which surprised me positively. The books are short and funny just a few lines on each page- and once we had finished one, we had to read it all over again (lucky me!). The books are written in rhymes. The stories are uplifting and funny, it is all about building confidence while enjoying the story. For instance, Stuart The Bug Eating Man has a passion for bugs. He turns his unusual love of creepy little things into a lucrative job.
What’s not to love about this? Things didn’t really look up for him initially, but he decided to stick to his passion and it was all worth it in the end. The illustrations are very nicely done, and we had a lovely time reading and talking about this story. My daughter then asked me whether she could turn her passion for fairies into a business and I have to admit that I didnt know what to tell her, so I bought time and said that I would think about it. If you have any suggestions for me please leave me a comment. That said, it proves that she clearly understood what it was all about. We learned a few new words along the way too too, which is always nice (pungent, oodles).
She started reading the books on her own, which came to a pleasant surprise. We also read Pale Henry and Jenny .
In short, if you are looking for something new, different and funny, think of such books!

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