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Well, if you have been living in London over the last week, you will know that things have been pretty rough. Everyday came with its own share of surprise resignations and bad news. But hey, stiff upper lip and all that. Not to mention that if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I removed the BBC news app on my iPhone. Simply put, I didn’t want to know what had gone tits up yet again (excuse my French).


Mind you, at a more personal level things have been quite hectic too. Yesterday evening I was driving back home, and happened to be on Shepherd’s Bush Green, right behind a white van. We were waiting at a red light. The driver suddenly lowered his side window, and threw up abundantly. I was stunned. As soon as the light turned green, he drove away, as if nothing had happened. Wow. I suddenly had a newfound confidence in this country’s resilience. Because it’s all about staying positive, right? I am a glass-half-full sort of person anyway. Come to think of it, that Green always had a weird vibe.

On the bright side, I now seem to be an expert of how to become British. I have explained it so many times that I think I will soon have to publish a specific blog on this very point. I will take a few copies with me at all times. Watch this space. Needless to say, it’s a long and expensive process, and you will have to hope that Royal Mail won’t lose your passport. Now you are warned. More to come on this…

It feels a bit like I have been promoted. Obviously I am still ‘the French one’. No later than this morning, the barrista asked me where I was from. But now my French acquaintances see me as ‘the British one’. Things have changed. I feel a bit more British for once. What can I say? Life is complicated.

It’s all about taking it one day at a time, isn’t it? So here are the good news:


I am still training for my 100k in September for ActionAid, and although I don’t seem to be any faster I feel much better, and much more confident. Please show your support here if you can:

My book, Le Guide Officiel To Being British, is doing really well on Amazon, and it is now available at the Librairie La Page in South Kensington in London. Needless to say, I am chuffed to bits. I feel a bit like a movie star.

In short, it’s all about onwards & upwards. I told you, I am becoming British.