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It is freezing, it is empty apart from the tourists and the journalists. There is an helicopter above Westminster to cover the Royal Wedding -it is making an awful lot of noise- and people are camping out of Westminster Abbey. The Royal Wedding is simply everywhere, and even mentioned on the oddest places (look at the scaffolding : cute, isn’t it?). In short, it is London.

I am back, and not sure where I belong any more. I don’t think I am French any longer, and even with a British passport, let’s face it, I will never be truly British- I got a stark reminder of this on the plane: this guy asked me whether I was going to London for the Royal Wedding. It seems that I will always look like a tourist.
The truth is that I am happy to be back for the following reasons:
1.    I can now have a decent coffee in the morning. I love it;
2.    Chocolate croissants are great (and no, it is not like pains au chocolat);
3.    My home is clean and tidy;
4.    I can have a massage -in France, we don’t have this massage culture…
5.    Tomorrow is a day off – thanks to this Royal Wedding…just for this, I wish them well!

And let’s admit it: I have more fun here. This morning for instance we saw a Europcar van full of policemen -I should have taken a picture. The police had to rent additional vans to beef up the security of this Royal wedding…funny, isn’t it? This is happening in London and nowhere else (I never saw policemen in a rented Europcar van before. Have you?)

This helicopter is driving me mad. I hope that it won’t stay all night. Coming back feels a bit weird too. Especially with this wedding. It is simply impossible to escape and I don’t believe in fairytales any more. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. As much as I deny it, I can’t wait to see the dress. And in my humble opinion, she badly needs a haircut! Watch this space…

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London