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Life is full of challenges, right? I thought as much. Right now, I find it hard to run in the cold. You see, I don’t do cold. Maybe I am not as British as I thought.

So what is cold for me? Well, anything below 10 degrees Celsius (that’s 50 Fahrenheit, if you must now) is cold for me. What can I say? Growing up in Provence must have left some marks.


The things is, I have some pretty important races lined up, and I totally need to train. If I could, I would move somewhere warm in a jiffy. Because right now, in London, it is really cold -as in, between 0 and 5 Celsius (and for the record that’s less than 41F). In short, it is freezing, and I can’t stand it.

I don’t think I am a wimp. Well, at least I hope I am not. But hear me out: when I go outside for a run, I literally feel my muscles tightening. Everything becomes hard, and I can’t move my legs. Warming-up takes at least 40 minutes in the bloody cold, by which time I usually give up and have a lovely cappuccino somewhere. After all, life is to be enjoyed.

So what to do?


Well, the treadmill at my gym is my new best mate, but I am starting to get slightly bored with it. I tried to run outside. I really did. But nope, I still hate it. I am progressively trying to run for longer periods of time. Today I even managed a little bit over an hour outside. What hurts even more is to see some fellow runners in their shorts and T-shirts. How do they do it?

I usually wrap up, on top of wearing gloves and a hat. When I start to get warm (which happens eventually), I take off one layer. And with this cold that’s as far as it goes. I feel the cold at every breath I take.

So how do you motivate yourself to run in the cold?


Today I chose a route I love, along Regent’s canal. I love running next to the water. Somehow it soothes me. The scenery was beautiful (just look at the pictures). That said, I was still feeling cold after a while. So I stopped.

I think I am a lost cause. I need to move somewhere warm. Anywhere but in London.