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© Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

Memory is a funny thing. Sometimes, what you thought you had forgotten comes back to you in completely unexpected ways. This is exactly what happened to me with Sarah Moon’s exhibition today. I grew up with Sarah Moon’s designs and pictures. She was, at the time, working for the well-known French brand Cacharel. Cacharel represented the epitome of chic. I was ‘borrowing’ my mum’s Cacharel shirts to try to look good. The first dress I bought with my very first pay cheque was a Cacharel dress. And if you happened to have a Cacharel lipstick in your bag, you had to top up your make-up in public with it. It immediately transformed you into an irrestible vamp.


© Sarah Moon courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

Here I am, (too) many years later and not living in France any more, at the Michael Hoppen gallery in Chelsea. The magic of her work still has the same effect on me. Some things never change. I am traveling back in time. Is it a photo? Is it a painting? It is hard to say at first, but then I recognise her inimitable photographic style, and I feel like a young adult again. There is something fragile in her work, and an incredible strength at the same time. Maybe it is because the colours want to be bright, but somehow remain toned down. The shapes are always bit vague. In fact, despite being in colours, her work has the strength of black and white photos. Am I making any sense? Probably not. I don’t know. In fact, I can’t explain it, and I probably shouldn’t even try, because art is all about emotions, right? I almost expect the models of to move, because they have clearly been captured in the middle of something. Even the flowers in her photo are on the verge of falling.

I feel like my 15-year-old self again, but without the pimples and the bowl cut. I am grateful for this. If you want too travel back to your teenage self too, the exhibition is until the 5th of April.

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