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Do They Seriously Still Sell these?

Today a miracle happened: I managed to get a little bit of free time and decided to go shopping. Somehow, I ended up in M&S on High Street Kensington. As soon as I got there It made me so utterly depressed that I went straight to their cafe. I even considered eating a couple of cupcakes to ease my pain (despite my new no-sugar resolutions). But I resisted. Instead, I decided to drink healthy green tea and to vent my anger in an email to the M&S big shots. What was wrong? In a nutshell, I felt like I had landed in granny land.
Here is my email. Please tell me what you think and circulate it if you agree with me. I can’t be the only one! Or maybe -shock horror!- there is something wrong with me.
Attention: Mark Bolland, John Dixon
Dear Sirs,
Today I went to M&S on High Street Kensington for a little bit of retail therapy. Somehow I ended up in the lingerie and nighties department, on the first floor. I was stunned: are you seriously considering us normal women to wear what is on display? If I wore anything from here I think my husband would be seriously worried.

No wonder the divorce rates are going up and the birth rates are going down. Come on, who would dare to touch someone who looks well, like a frustrated granny? I have a newfound respect for what British men have to endure. They deserve a medal. Just imagine your wife wearing such night clothes or pants. Add some socks and hair rollers and you are going to sleep in separate bedrooms for the rest of your life. In fact, your wife doesn’t need you: she will be warm enough!

Who Needs a Hubby When You Can Have  A Onesie
I quickly exited the shop, because I just wasn’t ready to wear THIS! 
I Pledge Never To Wear THIS

I crossed the street and saw another shop. I had a quick look, and once again felt completely out of place, but for very different reasons. No names, but I am sure that you know which shop I am talking about. This was way too much for me. Much too, well, slutty. I had gone from one extreme to another just by crossing the street. How bizarre.
So here is my dilemma: in this country, how can I find something sexy? Just sexy: not slutty, and not for grannies. Is there nothing in between over here? Haven’t you heard of brands like ‘Princesse Tam Tam’, Dim, Lou or Aubaine? I used to live in Paris and took them for granted. Silly me.
I quickly went back to M&S – it was all becoming a bit too much for me. The cafe is strategically placed on the same floor than the nighties,which helped. I sat down, pondered what to do and decided to email you.
Please do your part for a more positive body image for women in this country. There is such a thing , you know, as nice nighties and nice lingerie.
Yours sincerely,
Muriel Demarcus

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • I can’t relate because (1) I prefer loose and comfy pjs for sleepwear and never sexy stuff; (2) I’m a fan ofM&S. Good luck on your search. Maybe you just need a bit of sugar to coumter the sadness/depression this is giving you ;))

    • There is a difference between comfy and baggy. I don’t want baggy, I just want nice. And sexy can be comfy too, I am not a after complicated. In short, Joy, the only acceptable reason to wear a M&S nightie is if it is your ‘not-tonight-darling-I-am-tired’ nightie.
      In France, there really was more choice! And I like to look, well, like a woman. As for eating sugar, well, I feel so much better now that I won’t. Joy, I promise you : there is another way than granny nighties. And once you have tried it, there is no coming back!

  • I know what you mean Muriel. I usually wear boxers and a t-shirt to sleep in and I think a lot of men find that kind of sexy. But I’d like something a little less boxy and not all push up and out at times too. I think you can get a nice mix of comfortable, sexy and slutty at Victoria’s Secret.

    • You are so lucky to have Victoria’s Secret at every corner of the street. Over here, it is impossible to find something nice without paying a small fortune!

  • These surgical items are true to the origin of knickers!

  • I vote for the store across the street, Muriel!!!

    • Why am I not surprised ? I am pretty sure that most men would be of the same opinion.

  • JO

    I’m a granny. And some of the M&S pants are just fine – not all of them are huge, but I’m not into thongs either. Not keen on their nighties – but its easy to find others that are more fun (Grannies – try BHS).

    Knock M&S if you want to – there’s nothing much there that works for me. But please don’t do it by insulting grannies. We might be wrinkled but we still want to have fun.

    • Jo, you are totally the type of granny I want to become!

  • I think you’d find more joy at Selfridges or even John Lewis.

    As far as I can remember, M&S has a variety of undies, including some sexy lacy stuff. It’s not all passion-killers and staid nighties.

    • Well, they might have hidden the good stuff. All I could see were the huge panties!

  • My memory of M&S is a range of underwear and lingerie to suit across the age range and different tastes – although I haven’t set foot in M&S for a while now because they’ve closed the French stores. I have a beautiful nighty from M&S – lace and silk, not old fashioned at all. I also have a onesie – I bought it in France đŸ™‚ And a comfy pair of Mr Men Pyjamas, too. Occasionally I wear the first, some winter nights I wear the second. But most nights, I wear the third. Once a tomboy, always a tomboy, I guess.

    • PS: I blogged about passion killers a while back – but in their defense. If you want to get into the skin of a onesie wearer, the post is called “in defense of the passion killer”.

    • I think that it all depends on the message that you want to send, really. ‘Not tonight, darling’ = onesie …don’t get me wrong, I love comfortable clothes. I don’t like baggy ones.

  • LOL…. Wow, even our Wal-Mart has slutty underwear…

  • I concur, it’s either too frumpy or too vampy. No middle of the road comfy-sexy. We should collaborate and make our own line!

    • You know what: I think that we should. I just can’t see anything for me, and I am glad that I am not the only one.

  • M&S must be catering to a certain demographic which you are not a part of. I suppose some people prefer comfort over sexy or slutty for their night wear.

    • I am not against comfort. I just don’t like baggy stuff. Surely it is possible to design something nice AND comfy, right?

  • Haha it is M&S Muriel!

    • Why can’t I find anything nice at a reasonable price? Sometimes I miss France…

    • That’s what I thought.. it’s M&S. It kinda has an old customer base !

  • I have actually given up on m&s bc they also seem to have done the same. I am now having to internet shop Aussie underwear which is of superb quality or also stock up in Paris if I get time…it seems like they have gotten lazy bc they think they have a captive market.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, I hadn’t thought of them. That said I think that, just like you, I will stock up in Paris.

  • I have a confession to make. My name is Amanda and I’m a lingerie-and-pajama-addict. I don’t intend to get on the road to recovery, even though this addiction is slowly sending me broke (well, not really, I have some self-control). Hahaha!

    I have drawers and cupboards full of lingerie and pajamas. My favourite brands are Peter Alexander and Victoria’s Secret. You should however try Elle McPherson or Bendon if you get a chance.

    • Thanks Amanda! I just want something nice without breaking the bank. I am feeling slightly jealous that you have so much choice in Oz…

  • Haha! I am sure that they will listen to you – your letter is so amusing and so different from the miserable stuff I bet they get (probably from frustrated grannies who think what is on display is a little bit too revealing) đŸ˜€

    • Well, so far, it has been silence radio…I don’t think that they will do anything, really. Well then, at least I tried!

  • Selfridges, darling! xx

    • Silly old me! I totally need to try Selfridges. I hadn’t thought of it…

  • Anonymous

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