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It is freezing in London and to make matters even worse I think that I am becoming like my Mum. You have to understand that my mistake is to believe that, when it is cold, you need to cover up. I am talking about wearing a coat, a pair of trousers and warm pullovers. Nothing revolutionary, really. Or so I thought. Well, clearly, I was wrong. British girls in general (and my daughter in particular) believe the opposite to be true. When it is cold, you absolutely need to show off your legs and wear just T-shirts. You see, it is all about looking cool.
Mind you, some school uniforms include short pants (knee-length). Maybe, after all, it is a national thing. You have to pretend that the cold doesn’t exist. Or that you can’t feel it. The sale of short pants remains strong over here, even during cold winters. Go figure.
My daughter bought shorts recently. Actually, they are so short that it is barely longer than her T-shirt. It made me wonder: what is the point of buying something so minuscule that you can’t notice it?  Again, clearly, I am out of touch. For a start, everybody does it. I warned her that she would catch a cold but I have to admit that she didn’t. Once again, I am not cool. I feel like I have become my Mum. She made me wear a hat during winter and I hated her for it. Obviously, I removed the hat as soon as she was out of sight. Now it is my turn to feel the same way as my own mother. Except that my daughter and her friends are wearing minuscule short pants during the British winter. Clearly, I am being punished for something that I did in another life. That’s the only explanation, right? What did I do to deserve this? My Mum would have a heart attack. But what can I do? Should I force her to wear a pair of trousers?
Me being me, I had sneaked a pair of trousers in the car, thinking that she would change her mind and admit that she was cold. But no, she was fine and stayed in her short pants. I can not win. It is a cultural thing you see. British genes must include resistance to cold.
That said, apparently, as soon as she is at school she puts her track suit bottom on, with her hooded jumper. Maybe the short pants are just here to drive me crazy.
From now on, I will act cool and say nothing. She seems to be managing very well without me anyway. Great. On top of being uncool I am becoming redundant now.

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