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We are back to London and it feels like coming back to the Arctic Circle. I think that I can feel a cold coming. Damn it. What a shock, after warm Dubai! That said, all is not doom and gloom. I have just seen the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall. 

James Bond is my favourite British institution and, to top it up, some scenes were shot very close to where I live. I felt a bit part of it –I will have to buy the DVD, because I think that I saw me walking around Millbank. (I was there during the shooting – see here if you don’t believe me!). 

I liked the movie a lot. I didn’t get bored at all, even for a few seconds, which is always a good sign. I liked the sense of humour most, and I am really pleased about this because I thought that I didn’t get the British sense of humour. It is distilled throughout the movie and all it takes is a few words such as ‘You didn’t think you were sleeping here, did you?’ (M to a resurrected Bond), or ‘Well, [if you want to stay safe] you’d better keep moving then…’ (Eve –who shot Bond while trying to kill one of the villains)-. Maybe I am making some progress on the humour front, after all. Miracles do happen. 

Bond appears to be older and weaker, and the whole movie is actually quite sombre, but at the same time the plot is crisp and, again, the dialogues are really, really excellent. Sam Mendes, the Director, manages to keep the story riveting –I liked the action scenes as much as the plot. While I usually do not warm up for blonde guys but I could make an exception for Daniel Craig. 

 Come to think of it, there are just a couple of scenes that I didn’t warm up to: one where James Bond crosses over with Star Wars and our national spy has to fight giant lizards, Skywalker style. The villain, Silva, is very credible, except when it is hinted that he is bi. Come on, why was it necessary? I can’t find a French equivalent to James Bond. But, come on, nothing tops up French Bond girls. You just have to look up Berenice Marlohe if you need any convincing!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • I really want to see Skyfall. But in English! I may wait for the DVD go come out, the cost of going to the cinema these days is so astronomical, I certainly don’t want to see our James dubbed!

    • James Bond in French would lose all his charms, wouldn’t it? Hubby saw it twice, that’s how much he loved it!

  • I thought you said Bond is aging. Did you mean Daniel Craig?
    I also looked up photos of Berenice Marlohe, and she is beautiful. Yes, I do enjoy the humor in James Bond and all the movies. When I lived in the UK, I had such a crush on Roger Moore when he played James Bond. I know he’s blond, and I’ve always had a thing for blond men with blue eyes.
    Can’t wait to see the latest movie.

    • You will not be disappointed…It is totally worth it. James Bond simply is my favourite British institution!