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It is raining. Or is it snowing? It is hard to say. There was a thin layer of snow outside this morning. My daughters were very excited. I wasn’t, because I knew that the school run was going to be a nightmare. I know, I have become an old bore. That said, it was indeed a nightmare, but we made it eventually and the school was open, which was a relief.
Whether you are in London or in Paris, you see, some things never change. For instance, you know for sure that public transports will be disrupted when it is snowing. You also know that the roads will be busier. If you have to fly somewhere, you simply know that our flight will be delayed. It is a given.
That said, what I like about London is that some things are still working when it snows. They even seem to be thriving. The snow hasn’t affected them at all. For instance, there is a guy in Pimlico that I see running every morning while driving the girls to school. He was here today, and had a short and a vest under the snow. Unbelievable. I think that he was even less covered than usual. Wow.
Then, on Crowmwell Road, the horse guards were still having their morning stroll. You will be pleased to know that no horse pooed on my car this time (read here if you want to know about this adventure). They didn’t seem to notice the snow at all. In London, you have to get your priorities right.
I find it reassuring that, for some, it is business as usual.
I now have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that it will not be total chaos tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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