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Today, I have a very special guest blogger: my own daughter or Miss Agie 1018 (you can see her blog here). She doesn’t want me to tell you her age, but she is starting secondary school in September and she is more British than French. Here is what she has to say…

Yesterday, on our first 24 hours of paradise we decided to sneak a peek at the spa at our resort. In the end we booked a massage appointment for 8:15pm local time. But of course as my mum always does, she booked herself a ninety minutes massage and for me just a short hour. How kind of her. Sigh.
Okay. So we arrived at about 7:45pm to register the booking and to explore a bit we were going to try out the stem rooms and Jacuzzi. So we were led to the ladies lockers and were given a tank top and shorts, made out of normal clothing material. So I kept my underwear on. So out we went in the dead of night in the most magical surroundings. Okay. Then we arrived at a hut, which had an amazing Jacuzzi but the guide said: “Oh you have to take a shower by the Jacuzzi.” The only problem was, it was an outdoor shower which was very public and plus we had absolutely no idea if we were to keep our weird clothes on or not. In the end we decided to skip the shower. So the steam rooms were good but when the Jacuzzi came along there was a bit of a problem to solve. Firstly, we had no idea whether to keep the ‘trunks’ on or not and when I decided to keep the trunks on I forgot I had kept my underwear on and let’s just say I ended up wet while my mum, well… let’s not go onto that and I’m still ashamed of her. Yes I still am.
So after this… let’s say experience, we had a massage but not just an ordinary one though as it was a proper Balinese massage, and we finally got dry clothes. Now we know what to expect and I think we will definitely skip the Jacuzzi and next time I’ll have the longer massage. Mum, wink wink.

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Really MuMu! You will just have to get a lot cooler to impress Miss Agie!! Try to keep up!

  • Great story and well told – but 90 minutes! I have a physical therapist who is very hands-on. After a 30 minute session, you have to scrape me, having melted onto it, off the table. Another 60 minutes and I would become part of the table. Maybe that would be a transcendental massage – I’d become one with the table.

  • Good luck getting a longer massage, Miss Agie! Muriel, when in Rome… 🙂

  • Funny post!
    You’re a great writer, like your mom!

    Cheers from Texas, I’m vacationing vicariously through you all!

  • There’s nothing like a massage! Whatever went wrong before, I’m sure the massage fixed it all.


  • What a busy, blogging family you all are!

    A note to Miss Agie 1018: I hate to say it but your parents will embarass you for the rest of your life (it’s what they’re there for)…I’m in my twenties and my father still excels at it! It’s lovely that you and your mum get to hang out together in such a gorgeous place though – remember that rather than how much she makes you cringe!

  • Great job Miss Agie! As an embarrassing Mom myself I can tell you that my daughter now 19 is still rolling her eyes at how great I am at embarrassing. Great Post! Enjoy your holiday

  • How wonderful to go to a spa with your mum, and to write about it for her blog afterwards! You rock Agie!

  • Blog seems to be a family speciality! Well done Miss Agie – your mum is embarrassing? I think parents all are at some stage – just be patient one day she’ll be your BEST friend.
    Great post and hope next time you’ll get a longer massage!