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There is a new fashion in London. You can’t have missed it. It’s everywhere, and most mums at the school gates follow it. I believe that it must be a consequence of the success of 50 shades of Grey. Basically, you now need to have spikes and studs everywhere if you want to be taken seriously. On your shoes of course, and if you want the complete look, you might consider them on your coat, on your skirt and on a bracelet too. The more and the shinier, the better. It is all about unleashing your inner rock chick while still looking respectable. A difficult balancing act. Not recommended for fashion beginners…
Studs are simply a must. From the banker’s wife to the moody teenager, everybody wears them. Don’t get me wrong, it is not about getting the gothic look, it is a lot more mainstream. Wearing studs implies that you are cool. It probably also implies that you have read 50 Shades and that you are totally in tune with it. Studs and spikes make you look experienced, apparently. It is all about appearing to be fearless.
Well, don’t count me in. I am not into studs. I will resist it until my very last breath. No spikes or studs for me, thank you very much. Come on, what’s next? A whip? Handcuffs? Call me old-fashioned, but I simply don’t need all this attire. And it doesn’t do anything for me. First of all, on a practical side, I would be worried because I might hurt someone. Maybe that’s the whole point? And then I don’t really like the dominatrix look. Maybe I am really getting older, after all.
I really don’t get it: where does this love of studs come from? Why would you be willing to pay a huge premium for extra studs and spikes on your clothes? Surely it is cheaper to do it yourself at home anyway. What is the point of having pointy shoes? Maybe there is no point. Maybe it is just another trend that will pass in a few months. I do hope so! What about you? What do you think of studs?

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