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View From The Ferry – Love The Commute In Sydney 

Sometimes, all it takes is a step back, and you get a different perspective on your life. That’s exactly what is happening to me right now. I don’t know if it is my French side, or London’s stress index, but I have realised that I am completely stressed out.

You see, it just never stops. In London, I have always something on and barely a minute
 to myself. Things are so much more relaxed over here that I am starting to wonder where I took a wrong turn.  Before leaving for Australia, I even planned play dates for my children start of January. Seriously, how crazy is this? And don’t get me started on homework, my own business and the Xmas preparation.
In short, I have just realised -in Australia of all places-, that I need to do more of what makes me happy, and less of what stresses me out. It is high time to make my life easier…
Tell me, has it ever happened to you? Is it me? What went into me?
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Living in Australia has taught me to chill out a lot. I hardly organise playdates for my kids, I don’t offer to bake a gazillion cupcakes for school fundraisers, I don’t buy clothes that need to be ironed, I don’t check or supervise my kids homework (unless they’re prepping for exams), I don’t blow-dry my hair (such.a.time.waster), I don’t wear heels I can’t run in đŸ™‚

    • It is so much more relaxed down under, isn’t it? Frankly, i wouldn’t mind living there for a while…

  • Most of us are stressed out! I am half Aussie and have lived there and believe me you still get stressed there too! It just comes in different forms…At least you are relaxing to such an extent on your holiday even with the jetlag so it is a successful rest. But if you look at the figures of immigration to Australia did you know that almost half of Brits return to the UK after 5 years bc they realize that the good life isn’t free and not quite the same as when you were on holidays! but Australia is a great place for sure!

    • How did we end up so stressed out? I really wonder…as for living in Australia, well, I must admit I wouldn’t mind trying.

  • Just being on holidays helps us all take stock and reassess how we have been doing things. And of course it us THAT time of the year when reflection us natural before the champagne of New Year. Don’t be too hard on yourself ~ life us for learning, not doing it perfectly.

    • I am indeed still learning. So, Carol, when does it get easier?

  • It’s funny how visiting another city can show you how intense London is. When you mentioned booking playdates with your children, it resonated with me (not that I have children). I feel like in London, we’re constantly booking dates and time with friends weeks and weeks in advance. Everyone seems so busy. It can get quite hectic. But it’s good we have that Christmas period to take a breather once in a while :)!

    • London is indeed very intense…how did I survive there? I sometimes wonder.

  • There is many a time when I think I could just stop getting stressed out, but I’m always on the go, never stop, even now at Christmas/New Year, I’m still plodding along and all this stress doesn’t help my sleep patterns that in turn leads to even more stress, aaarrrgghhh!!

    • We never stop, right? Maybe, just maybe, that’s just who we are…

  • That’s quite a realization. Now, to live it! Happy New Year with less stress and ever-increasing joy for us all!!

    • Happy new year Brenda! Joy for all, and less stress! X