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A woman has got to do what a woman has got to do. What do I mean? Well, here it is: I keep eating all the time. My excuse is that it’s this time of the year. What’s happened to me? I am usually quite reasonable. I have no idea. Well, that’s not exactly true. I have always loved food. Always have. Always will. That’s just me, I suppose.

It all started with the Christmas celebrations. I spent a few days in France, and stuffed my face with marrons glaces. I love marrons glaces. I find them as delicious as chocolates. And I didn’t want to carry them all the way back to London. So I ate them. That’s how organised I am.


I eventually made it back to London, and went into a baking frenzy. You see, it will soon be the 6th of January, and that’s when we French have an Epiphany Cake (galette des rois). There are two main versions of this cake: one with almonds (Frangipani- see above), and one from Provence (which is more like a brioche). It is reasonably easy to find the one with almonds in London, but not the one from Provence. So what did I do? I started practicing. Because I need to be ready for the 6th. Once again, I am organised. Here is the result…Not bad for a first time, right? I need to fine-tune the recipe. I will bake another one tomorrow. And I have to find dried fruits in London (other than orange or lemon).


Forget about the scale, and have a macaroon with me. What can I say? It just never stops. Because I can’t remember whether I already told you, but I love macaroons.

What went into me? To make matters even worse, I have a 10k race tomorrow. I am not sure that I will be able to move my legs with all the food. Wish me luck. Hopefully it will help to burn off all the extra calories.

I will be good in 2016, I promise.

On this note, I wish you a happy new year!