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We all make mistakes, don’t we? Let’s be positive today: sometimes, there is a fine line between foolishness and genius, don’t you think? Unfortunately, most mistakes end up with us having to clean up the mess we made (literally or figuratively, of course). That said, today, I would like to think of some fabulous mistakes that have changed our lives for the better. This is not a selfless act on my part. I need some cheering up here. I was making some vegetable soup and for some reason the soup has ended up on all four walls of the kitchen. Apparently, it was all in the movement of my wrist when the saucepan started slipping. I am pretty sure that this incident could interest the army: so much soup, on so many walls, with so little energy is simply unheard of. Just imagine if it were ammunitions. I could have ended a war here.

Take the tarte tatin, for instance. What is not to like about a tarte tatin? It melts in the mouth, it is full of butter and sugar. It is simply worth getting fat for a tarte tatin. (a good one, of course). Well, the tarte tatin exists because two sisters were trying to make an apple tart. But the apples cooked for too long and were all caramelised. In order for them not to burn, the sisters put some pastry on top of it. The tarte tatin was born! Long live the tarte tatin!

I won’t bore you with the list of all the scientific inventions that were discovered by mistake. We simply need to make mistakes.  How else would we have discovered microwaves and potato crisps?

So why are my mistakes well, just mistakes? What is wrong with me? I guess I will just have to keep trying! Right, off to make more mistakes then!

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