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Is She Sucking Her Tummy In?

It is all over the news: the French President, Francois Hollande, was photographed during his holidays (you can see him here, and there is an even worse photo here). Let’s just say that the pictures are not very flattering, and that the whole thing created a huge controversy in my home country. Lots of fellow French citizen said that such photos were downright disrespectful, and that journalists shouldn’t indulge in such silly practices. They added that no other French president had been treated this badly before.

I beg to disagree. I don’t think it is the journalists’ fault. They simply took photos from the street! Come on, it is far too easy to blame them, and surely a little bit of common sense would have prevented such photos from existing at all. And if they think that the French President was badly treated because of such pictures, they should have a look at what is happening (gasp!) outside of France (yes, there is a world out there!). If you don’t believe me, have a look here, and ignore the first picture (It’s Francois Hollande again. I know. No comments).

Let’s take a step back: if Francois Hollande didn’t want to face ridicule over the pool photos, there were lots of options:
1. Lose some weight and try to look, well, a bit fitter. All it takes is a jog every day, and he was a lot better-looking when he was elected, I must say. This means that he can do it. But once he had had what he wanted (i.e. when he got elected), he clearly has let himself go. Always the same story: guy gets what he wants, guy stops trying. Sigh. Some things never change;
2. Alternatively, just sucking his tummy in would have helped. We French women have done it for centuries, and, well, it seems to have earned us quite a reputation of seductresses. No, it isn’t nice. But it works;
3. Choose a more discreet spot to relax after a dip (surely he has some media advisors who can tell him these things, right?). I can’t believe that, as a French taxpayer, nobody batted an eyelid when he said that he was going to spend some time in such an exposed place;
4. Sit next to a bigger person. Or hide behind a bodyguard. Or a wall. Or anything, really. In short, try to draw people’s attention elsewhere. Come on, it isn’t rocket science, right?

Tummy Sucked In! Much Better, Right?

In short, I am far from being an expert, and I could come up with quick solutions here. This probably means that something deeper might be going on. Maybe, just maybe, we French have a tendency to always blame others. At about the same time, the same Francois Hollande tried to blame Germany for the budget deficit. Apparently, Germany needed to invest more. How about we French try to reduce public expenses? Come on, Darling, once again, it is time to get rid of the fat!

NB: Once again, huge thanks to all my readers: I have won the Silver Award of the Oscars of the online expat world. I am chuffed to bits (and speechless for once…). Check it out here.

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