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There is something oddly reassuring about Sunday mornings in London. To cut a long story short, I should be able to sleep a bit longer on Sunday mornings. That said, I am so used to waking up at the crack of dawn that I usually don’t. Such is life I suppose. Mums will understand. It is as if I was programmed to prepare breakfast for the whole family. I can’t just press ‘delete’. It happens automatically. I usually count the number of pairs of shoes at the bottom of the stairs to assess how many friends my children have invited to stay over (Nowadays I feel a bit like a hotel manager). Sometimes I get it wrong, and suddenly the kitchen is full of grumpy teenagers who complain they have nothing to eat. ‘But Mum, I WhatsApped you 10 minutes ago to let you know X & Y had been staying over!’ But of course. What can I say? The service is very bad in this house. I might end up with a bad review on TripAdvisor but frankly, I don’t care.’Is there any more Orange juice?’ Well, not unless you’ve actually bought some, Darling.’

It is a cold and crisp day in London. I went out for my usual cappuccino and Belgian waffle, and took some pastries for the children. It’s all about not letting them forget about their French heritage, I thought to myself. That, and not spending the whole morning cooking scrambled eggs and pancakes. Two birds in one stone and all that. At my age, I want to save my energy. I even started planning my lunch and thought about trying Deliveroo or Uber Eats for lunch. And when did croissants become so expensive in London anyway? It’s this time of the year I suppose. We are all exhausted.

I went to buy the Sunday papers too. As usual, I met a few neighbours and made small talks. It always amazes me to see the number of papers they buy. I tend to buy one, occasionally two. They buy all of them. The whole lot. That said, I am not sure that they actually read them. As one of my neighbours put it, ‘it’s good for recycling’. I see. Well, I will stick to my usual routine.

The news are a bit depressing anyway, what’s the point of reading the same thing several times? I used to go for a run, or meet up with friends and family, but I tend to become more and more asocial on Sundays now. And lazy. Life is so hectic that sometimes you just need a break, right? On this note, I wish you all a quiet Sunday!