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This was parked just outside my house. I love it!
It’s the Indian summer in London. It is fair to say that it has never been warmer in a long time, which is nice -and unexpected. We keep wandering in London, with our sunglasses on and the whole experience tastes like holidays.
I went for my usual coffee this morning. On Sunday mornings, I like buying the Sunday Times to try to catch up with the news. Everybody loves buying the Sunday Times in London. As one friend explained it to me, it is good for the recycling industry ( who said the written press was dead?).
While I was trying to read, a tanned hunk with flip-flops, an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and short pants came to get a coffee. All the women were understandably distracted and even I had to stop reading my article to admire him. Then, a Japanese baby started to play hide-and-seek with my newspapers. He was approximately 18 months old and really seemed to enjoy my big pile of newspapers. He loved the noise of the cracking paper and we had a few laughs together. That said, my business section is now full of the crushed mango he had all over him. Never mind.
I finally made it back home to have a proper read of what was left of my paper. Apparently, the Prime Minister has apologised for some comments he made (like, a month ago ) to two female MPs (Members of Parliament). The comments could be perceived as sexist (he said something like “calm down, dear” and added that the other female MP was “frustrated”).
How odd. It got me thinking that, at least, he has apologised (better late than never, eh?). In France, no one would have blinked an eye. Does it mean that the Brits are less sexist than the French? I don’t think so. I have heard as many sexist comments this side of the Channel than in France. And no apologies in all cases. Let’s be honest, things don’t change that easily and if you dare to complain you are the one who is bitter and frustrated -she must having her periods-. Maybe we will get there in 200 years?
To conclude on the subject, I am seriously considering hiring an experienced male actor with charisma and grey hair to help me conclude business deals -I would pose as his PA, and it would be for my business. Negotiating with a woman seems terrifying and unacceptable for some, maybe I need to try to make potential clients feel more at ease. Yes, this is happening in 2011. I think that I might give it a try. What do you think?

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