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Boys will be Boys, by Hania Farrell – Image curtesy of the artist
I keep hearing that we all have hidden talents. Well, let’s face it: some of us are more talented than others. Today, I wanted to talk to you about my very talented friend and artist/photographer Hania Farrel ( I have the privilege to know Hania in real life. From the way she designed our daughters’ primary school memory book, it was pretty obvious that she had talent (and perseverance, but that’s another story). Well, fast-forward two or three years (was it really that long ago Hania? How quickly they grow up!), and here she is, having her first photographic exhibition in central London –no less. It is called TEAL, and you absolutely have to go.

Hania’s pictures were taken in her native Lebanon. Her work has this Mediterranean vibe that I miss so much in London. I believe that there is such a thing as a Mediterranean identity, and it is clearly ingrained in Hania’s work. She has managed to capture the light, the skies and, most of all, the energy. And it doesn’t stop here.   This is Lebanon, and you can feel, in subtle ways, the complicated past and the remains of a long war. TEAL is about resilience, and how life goes on despite everything that can happen. Children are jumping in the water, always full of energy, as if the water had rejuvenating effects.

Hania is also a multimedia artist. There is a projector over a filled bathtub, a swimming pool on the floor, and the results are surprisingly realistic.

Finally, the venue itself, an un-modernised Chelsea house, is worth a look. It adds to the dramatic effects of the pictures, especially in the evening.

Hania kindly agreed to answer a few questions. Run to the exhibition, and let me know what you thought of it!

“What does the name TEAL mean?

Once I’ve layed my images down for the curation of the show, they were all either mostly blue or green …TEAL is the mix of the two colors

“How did you become a photographer?

My passion for photography stemmed from the lens of a vintage Kodak ……….., passed down from my grandfather at the age of 16. This was the birth of my fetish with point and shoot.This love was not sufficient to make ends meet and I had to manage my artistic time in parallel with work. As my passion matured, cracks of my dream emerged when I was recently selected a prize winner in the “Saatchi Magazine – Point & Shoot competition”, with ‘Boys will be Boys’ , taken on the Corniche in Beirut. Project “TEAL”  opened on Nov. 13 and is a result of the love with my camera which walks through my lifetime experience which began in Lebanon.

“What are the next steps? How will you take your artist’s career to the next level?

The plan is to make TEAL travel once the show closes in London.Without revealing too much, ‘Science and Religion’ will be one of the projects as work in progress in 2014 

I am hoping TEAL will open doors for challenging commissions be it big or small.

I wish Hania every success. I am sure that she will go very,very far !

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