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When you are a mum, when does the hard work stop? I thought that things would be easier at some point but that’s simply not the case. Whether you are French or English, you always have to correct your children’s mistakes. Always. I am fortunate, it isn’t that bad. To cut a long story short, my teenage daughter decided to bleach her hair.

Well, it didn’t work.

And guess who has to pay to correct the mess ? Me, of course.

Hubby wanted me to buy something cheap at the supermarket in order for me to do it myself, but first of all I have never done it (you see, it is my natural colour and I am trying to postpone the moment I have to dye my hair to cover the greys), and on top of this, there were some green strands on top of the yellow-ish ones and I didn’t want a homemade job to make her hair an even bigger mess.

So here I am, £58 lighter to correct my daughter’s initiative. I feel old: you know, a bit like an experienced fairy godmother. In fact, a bit like a matron. Not nice.

Come to think of it, I am a bit jealous too: I have never bleached my hair. I have never dyed it green either. How come my own daughter is comfortable doing things I never had a chance or even the will to do? Do you think I should try it too, just for fun?

Ah, the younger generation…

That’s it, I sound like my own mother.

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London