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Fireworks In Sydney: A Dream Come True!

Can I just take this opportunity to thank all my readers for their ongoing support? Simply put, thanks to you all, this blog took off in a massive way this year: cover of The Times, features in You Magazine and Ici Londres, travel column in Jummp, TV & radio interviews with SkyNews, BBC & the likes. You guys rock! I am humbled by such a success, and I still can’t believe it. HUGE THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE, SUPPORT AND KINDNESS!

There is a lot more to come in 2015, and things will step up pretty soon (shooting in January, then we will conquer the world and you saw it here first! -I am joking of course, except that the shooting is really in January…).
This blog will be redesigned to be faster and easier to use, and will include new sections…I hope you’ll like it! Bear with me and tell me what you think.
Hopefully 2015 will also be the year of the book (maybe the books…), so keep your fingers crossed for me! We are finally getting there and I am confident that, one way or the other, it will happen.
More importantly, 2014 was, for me, the year of friendship. I am hugely grateful for finding new friends thanks to blogging, and reconnecting with childhood ones. It feels as if I have closed the loop and reconciled with a past I had forgotten about.
Finally, I have started to realise some of my dreams in 2014 by visiting Australia for the first time. I am loving it, and I will be back.
So bring it on, 2015!
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