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Is It Me Or Juliette Binoche? You Decide…

Where do I start? Thank you. Well, thanks again. THANKS SO MUCH! I can’t believe it! I never thought that I would be shortlisted, because I usually suck at competitions. After all, I used to be a Signalling Engineer, and I happen to be French. Let’s just say that the odds were not in my favour (as far as writing was concerned!).  But here it is. I am shortlisted for the Bibs2014 award, in the ‘Outstanding’ category. Yes, you can check here. It feels really good that so many of you took the time to vote, or simply to comment or read this blog. Thank you for your continuous support over the months/years. I am humbled, and very pleased. You guys ROCK!

I am of course very happy to be shortlisted, and for me it is more than enough. That said, if you are so inclined, you can vote for me here for the top spot (last category, French Yummy Mummy).

The thing is, it is not the only good news of the day. No, really. This morning, when I was walking on the street, a lady stopped and asked me whether I was Juliette Binoche. Juliette Binoche is not that well-known outside of France (a couple of British friends of mine think that her name is Juliette Brioche. Philistines) but she is one of my all-time favourite actresses, and I was very flattered. We seem to share a similar haircut and a love of chocolate (Me, because I just love eating it, and her because she played in a movie called ‘Chocolate’), but, frankly, I don’t think that it goes any further.

I replied. “No, not at all” and smiled. I grinned because I was flattered, obviously: Juliette Binoche is a gorgeous lady. The lady was observing me and didn’t seem to believe me. I think that the French accent betrayed me. She is convinced that I AM Juliette Binoche. Except that I am not. No, really. I would like to be, but I am definitively NOT Juliette Binoche.

Maybe all the gym sessions have paid off? I wonder what is going on? More realistically, I think that the lady needs a new pair of spectacles. But hey, it made my day in what was a very gloomy start, because the Tube strike is a nightmare. My mum was going back to France today, we had booked a taxi for her to go to Victoria but the cab company cancelled and she had to take the bus. To top it up, somehow she made it sound like it was my fault. Not a nice start. But hey, who cares? I look like Juliette Binoche, and I am shortlisted for the BiBs2014.

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London