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Today I would like to talk to you about a little bag usually favoured by men, where you have just enough space to put what you need for an overnight stay. We French call it a ‘baise-en-ville’. Literally, it means ‘f***-in-town’, but funnily enough, it is not rude at all to talk about a ‘baise-en-ville’. Everybody has one, and it is always a smart buy (also for a woman, actually). I suppose that it stems from the fact that we French like to compartmentalise our lives, and remain pragmatic in all circumstances. Hence the bag. That said, it has completely lost any naughty connotation. I assure you. Hand on heart. You can safely talk about a ‘baise-en-ville’ and everybody will be impressed.

So much that this morning when hubby left, I said ‘don’t forget your baise-en-ville’. 
My daughter asked
‘What’s a bezenvil?’
‘It’s an overnight bag, Darling ‘
‘It sounded like something else’
Clever clog. Why does she always remember such words? Let’s not delve into details, shall we…

I started wondering what the British equivalent would be. 

‘Sex-in-the-city’? no, too direct

How about ‘tea-in-town’? I like that. Because the British don’t have sex (they say), they have tea, right? 

Or ‘stay-down-the-pub-tonight’? Hmmm. Not sure.

Overnight bag sounds so boring. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

‘Mum, can we go shopping now?”

I hate half-term. I hate not having a minute to myself. I hate being a cash dispenser. If it were me, I would take my baise-en-ville and travel as far as possible. On. My. Own.