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You know that everybody keeps telling me that I look French. I think that I sound French more than anything but hey, we are where we are. Today I wanted to share with you how to do the French ‘beach look’. As you know, I am very low maintenance. My idea of a blow-dry is to go to bed with wet hair in order to have more volume in the morning. Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t!

Which is why, when I was invited to the Rush Hair Salon in Greenwich ( to get the ‘beach look’, I immediately accepted. Anita was my stylist, and of course she was great.


Seriously, this was a wonderful idea, wasn’t it? The weather was grey and dull and having the beach look was the perfect way to brighten my day.

That said, I had something to do in return: I had to recreate the beach look…at home. Well, I obliged. I am pleased to report that it didn’t take me more than 12 minutes to get the look (well, as best as I could), and I was very pleased with the result (which is what matters, right?).

Seriously, if I managed to do it, anyone can. Who said that French women were high maintenance? Well, not me…And you can see here how it went. What do you think?

As for me, I think I can pull it off all winter long…