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Samantha Womack presents drawings made by British children to the children at school in Htan Taw (Credit: Christopher

I need to come clean here. As I am French, I used not to give to charities. Actually, I am still reluctant to give to fundraisers on the street. This is because, in France, the State (‘l’Etat’) is supposed to play the charities’ role. You don’t have to give some money for the school charities every now and then and nobody is pestering you because they are running for a noble cause and need to be sponsored. Honestly, it has never happened to me in France. Fundraising in France is quite complicated and not as big a business as in the UK. No, we are not stingy (well, maybe a bit), we are simply not used to it. It is a cultural thing. I still remember when one of my neighbours knocked at my door because her husband was doing a parachute jump for a charity. She wanted some money. I looked at her as if she was insane, wondering whether I should call the police because an aggressive beggar was at my door. In my defence, when I asked her what the name of the charity was, she couldn’t remember.
Little by little, I understood that it was nice to get involved with some charities and I started to participate in fundraising events. The first time I sponsored a child was with ActionAid. I use the occasional sponsored post and adverts income of this blog to help Suresh, who lives in India. He is the same age than my younger daughter but instead of dreaming of Legos and DVDs all he wants is food (mainly potatoes, in fact). A very different perspective. And do you know what? It was exactly what I needed.
But there are some news. For the first time, ActionAid is starting its sponsorship programme in Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar is a country that it just starting to open up and the needs are simply huge. You can have a look here ( for further information. Various celebrities have actually travelled to Burma to launch the new sponsorship programme. You can watch Samantha Womack’s video here:
And finally, here are some blogging friends with a big heart – visit them to know more about ‪#csweek                            @presleysylwia

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