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Everywhere I look, I see a man wearing red trousers. Red trousers are simply all over the place. Is this the latest trend in London? I really wonder. Where is this coming from? Did you get any warnings? I certainly didn’t.

I have to come clean here. I don’t own a pair of red trousers. Never have, and probably never will. I love the colour red and I have a red dress that I am mad about. That said, frankly, I don’t know what to think of red trousers, especially for men. It is very metrosexual, isn’t it? It doesn’t do it for me.
My Red Dress

OK, I will be honest here. I have never fancied a man wearing a red pair of trousers. I don’t know why. I think that a red shirt is OK, especially on tanned or darker skins. I love wearing red in summer. But not red trousers. It is too much.

Why is that? When did I become so judgmental about red trousers? Is it time for me to get some counseling to try to get to the bottom of my aversion to red trousers?

I don’t remember seeing red trousers this summer in France. Am I becoming colour blind? Are the red trousers the latest British thing? How come?

Maybe it is just a summer thing. We have an unusually lovely summer in London. Maybe that’s why men are wearing red trousers. Or maybe they are all becoming a bit too metrosexual to my taste…I might be more conservative than I thought. Who would have thought?

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