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Everywhere I look, I see a man wearing red trousers. Red trousers are simply all over the place. Is this the latest trend in London? I really wonder. Where is this coming from? Did you get any warnings? I certainly didn’t.

I have to come clean here. I don’t own a pair of red trousers. Never have, and probably never will. I love the colour red and I have a red dress that I am mad about. That said, frankly, I don’t know what to think of red trousers, especially for men. It is very metrosexual, isn’t it? It doesn’t do it for me.
My Red Dress

OK, I will be honest here. I have never fancied a man wearing a red pair of trousers. I don’t know why. I think that a red shirt is OK, especially on tanned or darker skins. I love wearing red in summer. But not red trousers. It is too much.

Why is that? When did I become so judgmental about red trousers? Is it time for me to get some counseling to try to get to the bottom of my aversion to red trousers?

I don’t remember seeing red trousers this summer in France. Am I becoming colour blind? Are the red trousers the latest British thing? How come?

Maybe it is just a summer thing. We have an unusually lovely summer in London. Maybe that’s why men are wearing red trousers. Or maybe they are all becoming a bit too metrosexual to my taste…I might be more conservative than I thought. Who would have thought?

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Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London

    I believe it is the traditional man’s escape into pseudo-metrosexuality…

  • Gillie

    There is nothing metrosexual about my husband. He is a dyed in the wool middle aged bloke who would rather slit his throat than live in London, happiest on the side of a river with a salmon on the end of the line, but he is very partial to red trousers and has been since I first met him some 22 years ago. He is also quite keen on pink 🙂

  • Carolina HeartStrings

    Gillie’s comment is very interesting to me. I would say she has the British version of what we call a country boy. So… trying to figure out how the whole red trouser thing works. And how does it differ in a country vs. urban setting? Our country boys mostly wear camo(flague).

  • Maybe you are just seeing red (all over), Muriel.
    I never had a pair of red trousers- but I have managed my wardrobe disasters (a tan/brown jacket, with green pants… My Christmas Tree outfit – upside down)…

  • Ann Mullen

    There was a store commercial where a woman buys her significant other red pants and a blue checked shirt. She also set up a very nice picnic in the back yard. I get sick to my stomach when I see that man with his red pants and blue checked shirt. That was what uncool guys wore in the 1960s or so. I always wondered who picked out their clothes. Call me prejudiced or send me to counseling with you, MuriEL.

  • Suerae Stein

    If you were color blind they might look green, which might appeal to you more?

  • SarahHague

    Trousers of all colours are very ‘in’ this year although you won’t see many men in the crazier colours. Going to C&A for my son this summer was a nightmare as there were few trousers of a normal colour.

    I can’t see my DB in red trousers, perish the thought! I wonder if the guy above is a Guardian reader. He looks the type. Maybe you can identify them better by their red trousers… 😀

  • MuMuGB

    This is brilliant! You are totally right. Maybe that’s how they recognise each other?

  • MuMuGB

    Green trousers. Right. Why not? It all depends on the type of green don’t you think?

  • MuMuGB

    Maybe they will get us a group discount? What is happening to us?

  • MuMuGB

    We all have our wardrobe disasters Roy (I totally want pictures now…). That said, and don’t ask me why, somehow I knew you wouldn’t have red trousers. I jut knew it.

  • MuMuGB

    I can’t help thinking that the rise of the red trousers is a recent phenomenon. That said, you may be right: I haven’t seen a lot of camo trousers for a long, long time.

  • MuMuGB

    Well, you have nailed it: it must be. British thing. I knew it. And that’s probably why I can’t understand it.

  • MuMuGB

    Is it? But then, why only in Britain? Life is too complicated sometimes.

  • Carol

    This is very un-British. Now it would brighten up a cloudy day 🙂

  • Flora

    I think it depends on the shade of red; dark maroon can be a whole lot less alarming than bright scarlet! But red on you…well that seems to be a much better fit – great dress!

  • MuMuGB

    Thank you! I love that dress. I suppose that it is now too cold to wear it!

  • MuMuGB

    It brightens my day too…

  • jonesbabie

    I am with you, red trousers on men…NO. I would love to own a pair of red jeans, but don’t plan to attempt that until yoga whittles a bit more off my hips. It would be like waving a red flag right now. And I am not a flag waver at all.
    Your red dress is classic and you look gorgeous in it, by the way!

  • MuMuGB

    Thanks for the compliment ! Just like you, I don’t get this new craze for red trousers. Maybe it is just a fad?

  • Scrollwork

    The first time I saw red trousers on a male was on Justin Bieber, and then suddenly they were all over. Ick. Look in the mirror, fellas!