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Woke up with a terrible headache. Might have had a tad bit too much champagne. Don’t shout, please, and be nice…What a weekend! What a start of the year! Thanks to all of you, my article is still going strong on The Times, and was the most read piece all of Saturday and Sunday. I can’t believe it. I am in shock. Mind you, as much as I criticise French politicians in general and our president’s tumultuous love life in particular, I am convinced that the whole Julie Gayet affair increased the number of hits on my article. So here it is: Thank You, Mister Hollande!

Some of you have told me that I am now a celebrity, a star, and so on, and so forth…Well, I hate to disappoint you, but it is still me, and I don’t feel changed at all. I am just another blogger and aspiring author. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, I still don’t have a book deal! The only thing that has changed is that my newsagent knows my face. When I was buying my Sunday newspapers yesterday, he asked me:
“- So, are we on the cover today too?”
“- No, it is complete crap today.”

Let’s hope he doesn’t make the same joke every day, it might become a bit boring. Come to think of it, there is something else that might have changed. Some British men don’t dare to look at me any more, and can only manage to talk to me while looking at their toes. I must be really scary! Great.

On a different note, did you know that the scriptwriter of “The Young And The Restless” soap opera wants to sue the French president for plagiarism? I am joking of course.

Right, I need a rest now.


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