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I know that it is a first world problem, but I think that it is high time for some light-hearted debate. So here is today’s question: should you wear an underwear under yoga pants?
As for me, it is yes, 100% yes. Call me granny, but I like my layers, and it feels weird to have a bra and no underwear, right? Well, at least, at my age, it does. Friends of mine have told me that it can brighten the dullest of days, but I just can’t do it. Not possible. I might be French, but I can’t.

And here is why I think that we women should wear knickers in any circumstances: I went to a yoga class last Friday and there was another mum, whom I vaguely knew from the school. She was right in front of me. During the sun salutation, her yoga pants started to slip and I had to look away to avoid seeing her bum crack. If you are wondering why I noticed it, let’s just say that I was a lot less flexible than her, and she was very eager, whereas I was taking my own time. A bit later, I couldn’t help noticing her, well, camel toe. It simply was too much for me and I started laughing out loud, which was hugely embarrassing. I ended up going outside. Funnier yoga session ever. That said, I will not go back again.

Come to think of it, a no-pants policy might miserably fail with leggings or tights too. Come on, unless the leggings are really really thick, it is usually possible to tell whether you have some pants or not. And I hate to think of the hygienic side of things, if you ask me. Surely a thong is a better option. Or some yoga underwear.

I thought that the whole thing was over and quickly forgot about it all. But this morning, guess who I saw at the corner shop? Yep, the very same mum, with the same thin yoga pants, and still no underwear. But fear not: she had a lovely jacket. It was a bit chilly this morning in London, you see. How can you wear a jacket and no underwear? This is beyond me.

I politely said ‘hello’, of course. I am not British for nothing. That said, I silently said to myself that this wouldn’t be appropriate at the school gates. So, tell me, am I just becoming a judgmental old bore? Should you wear an underwear under yoga pants?

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