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There is a buzz in London: The Scream, one of Edvard Munch’s paintings, is on display in London, before being auctioned in New York, where it will be sold for an amount that defies the understanding. Apparently, you can see it at Sotheby’s, on Bond street. Given that we are talking about an iconic piece of work, security must be extremely tight. But somehow I am glad that this painting is in London for a short while.
For some reason I like The Scream. I can’t put my finger on exactly why. I like the colours, they are a bit like water and fire, and they seem to penetrate each other at every possible opportunity. Apart from the bridge and the perambulating couple, everything is complicated and curvy. And what is this person so scared of? Is it something he/she sees? Is it something inside him/her? This is not a happy story. This is about mental suffering and it should be glum but somehow the colours remain bright and full of life. There is great beauty exuding from this painting, despite its sadness.
Art is completely at home in London. In a way that I had never seen before. Most museums are completely free, you only pay for special exhibitions. This means that you can stay in any London museum as long as you want. Or you can just come for 5 minutes and then go. I like it, because I believe that beauty purifies the soul (I know, I am in an inspired mood today).
As I don’t really have a formal office, I feel like museums are an extension of my house. I pop to the Tate Britain all the time, it is my way to take a break and it is not very far from where I live. I have never had this relationship with museums outside of London. I have discovered fantastic artists such as Turner and Gainsborough simply on my doorstep. So tell me, what’s not to love about London?

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