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My life is never dull. Last week I was invited to a casting, only to notice too late that it was in fact about doing some stunt work, and even involved some pretend-fighting. To top everything up, I was by far the oldest women  Damn it! Once upon a time, I used to be the youngest. The youngest student. The youngest project manager. Well, those days were clearly gone. That day, I was the oldest extra. On the bright side, the rehearsal was quite a good workout, and I had a good laugh!

I started talking to one of the assistants of the production company, because she thought that there was a mistake in my date of birth (of course there wasn’t!). She called her colleagues and they thought that it was some sort of joke (I wish!!!). I showed them some pictures of my daughters, and they looked startled. One of them then asked:

“- But what is your secret to look so young?”


That’s what I was expecting to do!

I wish I knew what to answer. I sensed that they were expecting me to admit that I was bathing in almond milk and putting some expensive gold foil sheet on my face, but I happen to be very low-maintenance. To be frank, I would find such treatments  ludicrous.

The only answer that came to me was:

“- Well, I run a bit” (Did you spot the British understatement here? I told you, I am becoming British)

They look disappointed. They were clearly expecting something different. Sorry, guys!

“Is that it? What distances do you run?”

Here we go again.

“As far as possible!”


“Sometimes further.”

“Oh My God! I can barely run a mile!”

Sorry again.

I didn’t get the part, but it was a different experience and I got to see what was happening behind the scenes of the making of a movie. Something to do once, and I had just done it. Now, onwards and upwards.

When I got back home, I couldn’t help thinking that I might not look my age, but I certainly felt it. And do you know what? there was absolutely nothing wrong with this.