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Today I am taking you to a nice Sunday stroll in Kensington. Can you see this wall? It looks like any other wall, doesn’t it?
Well, appearances can be deceptive. This is Garden Lodge, the house of the late Freddie Mercury.

Fans are still leaving tributes next to the door.

Or on the pathway.

I am chuffed to bits to have found this place. Apparently, Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury’s lifelong friend/partner, still lives here.

My daughters didn’t really understand why I love this place. I grew up on Queen’s hits. It must be a generation thing.

Oh, and someone will have to explain to me how the houses are numbered in this country.

Looking right, this is what I saw.

And just in front of the house, on the other side of the street:

Go figure. I will never get it.
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