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There is a new trend in town. I believe that it started at the Cannes festival and it simply hasn’t stopped ever since. Forget about showing a little cleavage, nobody cares any more. In fact, forget about wearing your bra. It is all about showing some side boobs now. Your age doesn’t matter, apparently. Sharon Stone has done it and she is fifty five. It is never too late. In theory, anyone can do it. Well, at least that’s what someone wants us to believe!
Teenage girls even put a bandeau (otherwise known as a boob tube) underneath their torn T-shirt to make it more acceptable. Right now, in London, they are all doing it. It simply is the latest craze. I don’t get it. Bandeaux seem to come in all sorts of colours. Some are all glittery, others are black and sober. It is the new must-have accessory!
As for me, I can’t really go braless –  I just can’t, it is beyond me. Maybe, after all, I am getting old. Honestly, when did the side boob become acceptable ? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a little bit of cleavage and I don’t think that I am such a prude, but I don’t get the appeal of the side boob. A shirt is a shirt, right? Why would you show some boobs on the side? See, I am becoming very conventional.
Honestly, do you find it beautiful? Graceful? I don’t. And, let’s be honest here, side boobs can look sort of ok for the flat chested, but for, let’s say, more mature women, I can’t really see how it might work, unless you are not afraid of the ‘OMG it is all going south’ comment. Granted, some boobs (especially the ones full of silicone) seem to defy gravity, but, if I were a man, I would be scared of the flying boob. It is simply not natural, is it? And what if it bursts?
It short, I think that I will stick to regular tops and T-shirts. Come on, what’s next? Underboob? Why not let it all hang out?

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