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Let’s face it: holidays with kids are not real holidays. What am I talking about? Well, I can’t completely relax when I have to take care of the children every day. And don’t get me started about having to pick them up late at night (or staying up late waiting for them to come back, just in case something happens). It’s simply nerve-racking. It feels like everybody else but me is on holidays, and I hate it, because I have no time for me. None whatsoever. I am dreaming of going to a desert island for at least six months. On. My. Own.


But I digress. When I was growing up, we were watching TV or wandering about with very little supervision. Come to think of it, my parents were incredibly lucky that we were not offered drugs, or anything more sinister than the odd cigarette (which I rejected. I was such a good girl, right?). My parents simply didn’t have a clue. It was a different time, I suppose. Maybe I am becoming overprotective, but I want to be more cautious with my children. Since I caught a classmate of my younger daughter watching some porn videos on her iPad while waiting for her parents, I realised that it was time to up my game. The fact that I didn’t grow up with tablets, iPhones and the likes wasn’t an excuse. But let’s admit it: it didn’t make my task any easier. That said, I felt that I had no choice because I almost passed out when the little girl proudly explained that she had seen two women having sex together (and she gave some graphic details that, if you ask me, were far too much for her age). Maybe, despite being French, I am a prude at heart. I had a quiet word with the parents who found the whole episode hilarious but hey, each to their own, I guess (for the record they were British. So much for all the cliches).


I tried adding various parental control systems on our computer and mobile devices, but it was making the whole system incredibly slow and my daughters quickly learned how to by-pass it anyway. Fast forward a few months, and I have found a new app that seems to work with toddlers and pre-school children: KidzInMind. It’s not just another app: it’s an interface, a all-in-one.  The app is controlled around one playroom area where the children can click on different things to launch other parts of the app. KidzInMind allowed me a couple of hours of almost uninterrupted peace and quiet, which was priceless…

Within KidzInMind you can control how long the child can play for, and also whether they have internet access or not – great if you don’t want them to download new apps within KidzInMind – if you’re on holiday or aren’t connected to wi-fi for example. It also comes handy for a long car journey.

KidzInMind is aimed at children between the ages of two and six -preschool kids, really. Which is good, because I seem to be surrounded by toddlers nowadays (hence I have less time to write. Sorry). That said, I wish there would be something for older children, as I have yet to find a miraculous app that would work for teenagers too. But I can’t protect my daughters from everything. And that’s exactly what freaks me out during holidays: I have to let them make their own mistakes. I can’t control everything they do. And do you know what? It freaks me out. I wish they were toddlers again. It would make my like so much easier.

Disclosure: I teamed up with KidzInMind for this post. all opinions remain my own.