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There is something wrong in my home country. We were at the Nice railway station yesterday, on our way back from St Tropez & Grimaud. Before entering the building, two guys were chatting on the the left side of the main entrance. The thing is, they were peeing at the same time. They acted as if if was completely natural to wee in front of everybody, on the wall, while having a conversation of course. The girls were like:

“- Mummy, what are they doing ?”

“-Nothing, Darling, just look away.”

“-Are there no toilets in France?”

“-Well, maybe they are broken.”

We went inside the station and decided to wait for our regional train on the platform. I kid you not: a guy at the end of the platform was quietly peeing on the track. The girls didn’t see him and I am grateful for this. What is going on?

Will urine cause an electrical fault on the train?

No, it didn’t! Of course not. When I took my little one to the train’s loo, she was a bit scared to see that her wee-wee was falling on the track when we flush it. See, it is perfectly normal to pee on the track over here.

What is going on? I have never seen anyone peeing in a public place in London. Why does everybody seem to think it is normal over here ? Maybe when I was living in France I wasn’t noticing it. When did France become so trashy? Come on, this is disgusting ! Is it me? Is it big cities? Have you experienced something similar!
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London