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I don’t know if it’s my French side, but I hate surprises. I plan like mad. I don’t like the unexpected. Things must be neat, and controlled. Why? Well, because life is already full of surprises, and as a result I like to control what I can. So here it is: I am a control freak.

Maybe I am not that French after all, because I have heard at least a million times that French women are always late, don’t apologise and enjoy the flattery. Well, my British side has clearly taken over then. For instance: I hate being late. I am the sort of person who will text you if I might (and only might) be two minutes late. That’s just me, I suppose. As for waiting, well, I simply can’t stand it. It’s fair to say that Twitter saved my life: I tweet when I wait. That’s how I ended up tweeting all the time, I suppose!

As for not apologising and enjoying the flattery, hmmm…once again, my British side has taken over: I say sorry all the time. yes, even when I am not sorry. The other day I managed to say sorry to a lamp post I had accidentally bumped into (ouch).

Why do I like to plan so much? Let’s face it: you need managerial skills to handle the world we live in. What do I mean? Well, let me spell it out for you: you need to be bossy. So I just embrace my bossiness. I am too old to change anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that the very essence of life is that one must expect the unexpected. The best plan is to arm oneself with patience and resilience, whatever life throws at you. But still, you can always meticulously plan for the rest, right? And I have a system. I make plans. And I’d much rather everything stay as I planned, thank you very much. It’s so much easier for everybody, right?

Because come to think of it, surprises are hostile things. They always come loaded with expectations. They’re actually just rude, really.

Sometimes, I make it  looks like things were not planned, but they often are. It’s a little bit what people say about the French casual look: it looks very unplanned, when in fact you have spent at least an hour getting ready. Because it’s all about planning, you see. Especially at my age :).

As for having fun, well, don’t worry for me, because I plan on choosing the road less traveled….Watch this space!

  • James Casserly

    I feel the same Muriel. I like everything to run by clockwork and plan everything. Anything changes those plans stresses me out and I don’t like surprises. I’m always early if I have appointments, and I loathe people being late, especially when they could easily send a text/message or call me. Being late is the ultimate rude gesture to me. It’s telling you that your time is of no account, does not matter, and that they consider themselves more important than you.

  • Karen Nelson

    Since many humans in my orbit frequently run in crisis/circus mode with no planning or forethought my planning allows me to mitigate their speed bumps on many occasions. This is particularly true at work as I know who’s going to procrastinate & who’s going to respond on time and plan accordingly. When my evil twin takes over she sometimes pits them against each other.
    Keep on planning Muriel!

  • Ronald

    I used to work with someone who (sheepishly?) admitted she project-managed her wedding with gantt charts etc 🙂
    It is not a problem to plan properly. It is those who have a rough idea and call that a plan are the problem – they (me?) are worse than those who do no plan!