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When are you too old to wear a mini-skirt? That is the question. I am French, and hence I believe that you are NEVER too old to wear a mini-skirt. As long as you have the right legs and of course high heels, that is. Before we go any further, I would like to say that I am talking about mini skirts here, not hot pants.

To be clear: mini skirts are short, but not TOO short. As a rule of thumb, a mini-skirt should arrive mid-thigh (maybe an inch lower). I know, I am talking grannies’ mini-skirts here. My daughters think that such skirts are long skirts (not maxi but almost). It is a generation thing. Anything that covers more than your underpants is long for them. Apparently, it is a British thing. Add to this the fact that my older daughter is a teenager and you will understand my pain.

To come back to my original question, it is all about showing your best assets, isn’t it? If you are flat-chested and have great legs, then go for the mini-skirt. Or skinny jeans. Anything that flatters your legs, really. If your legs are not so great but you have a good cleavage, then totally go for a tight top and all men will forget about your legs. Simple but effective. Come on, it is common sense, right?

And if you are lucky enough to be able to show your legs and have great boobs, well, you can just alternate between short skirts and tight tops (don’t show everything at once, it will confuse everybody and is considered bad taste).

The funny thing is that most men don’t have any problems with mini-skirts. The criticisms often come from other women.

OK, I will come clean. I am talking about skirts’ length because I had a nasty comment the other day. I was wearing –shame on me!- a mini-skirt (A short skirt. Well, a shorter than usual skirt), when the cleaning lady of the friend I was visiting told me, in a stern voice:

“- You are dressed like a 15-year old!”

“-What do you mean?”

“- Well, this is something a teenager could wear.”

What? Come on, this would be too long for her.

What a shame! I wasn’t expecting this. I ran back home and put jeans on. So tell me, should I have kept on wearing my skirt or was I right to change? I know I am 40 (don’t remind me) but I feel 15 in my head.

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