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When friends come over to visit London, they keep asking me what they should do and where they should go. My recommendation is always the same: go to a Marks & Spencer store (preferably a big one, like the one on Oxford street or on High Street Kensington). I realise that this sounds a bit unusual. But I am just being pragmatic here. Because in any M&S shop, you will capture the essence of Britishness in one go.

This is what I have explained in my entry on (go to the end of the page, then scroll the different bloggers & you’ll see me)!

So why did I choose M&S?
First of all, there is something about the food there. You will find icons such as Colin the caterpillar and Pepa pig sweets. They will have colours and shapes you didn’t even imagine could be edible. You will also find mint sauce, mince pies and Cadbury chocolates. M&S is a all-in-one. Simply put, it’s a concentrate of Britishness.


But it doesn’t stop here. M&S also gives a unique insight into the British style. I have seen bloomers that seemed to come from the Victorian times. I couldn’t believe they were still selling them. I have also seen dotted & floral designs. Simply put, nothing, absolutely nothing, is off limits. Who dares wins. Forget about the French style rules: you’ve crossed the Channel, it’s time to try news colours and new designs. Don’t be shy. Everything is acceptable over here.
You are at the right place. M&S epitomises what being British is about. Take your time, browse, have some food in the coffee. It’s time to forget about the outside world and immerse yourself in your very own bubble of Britishness. What’s not to like?

Have a cup of tea, browse some more and enjoy without moderation…

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