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I am spending half-term in France, which is why I have been very quiet (I will catch up when I am back, bear with me).
Anyway, I have had yet another proof that my elder daughter is more British than French. She can’t say no. It doesn’t serve her well over here. We were at my Dad’s place and he offered her some Roquefort (a very strong French cheese). She answered “Ca va”. What she meant was “No, thank you, I am fine”. “Ca va” would be the translation of “I am fine”. Her grandfather understood that she wanted to try the cheese and that the size of the portion was fine. The thing is, she doesn’t like cheese, and roquefort is not for the faint-hearted …My darling daughter is slowly learning to say no, but she finds it incredibly hard. In France, you need to say “No” very clearly when you don’t want something. Tough but true.
 Signac – La Calanque

I have also decided to finally take her to the Saint Tropez Museum. It is called “Le musee de l’Annonciade”. It used to be a small church. They are showing local painters such as Signac, Derain, Camoin, etc…I wanted to explain to her that Signac started the “pointillist” movement, that he lived in Saint Tropez and that he was quite famous.
It didn’t go down very well. The problem of living close to the Tate Britain in London is that she is used to seeing Turner’s paintings. She found the painters of my childhood “very weak, and with poor painting techniques”. She might be more French than I thought, after all.
Anyway, I think that it is time to go back now.
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London