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Less is sometimes more. Ok, let’s say it, I am chuffed. It doesn’t happen that often, and I need to enjoy this moment. Let me tell you the whole story. I was at a restaurant with a couple of much younger girlfriends. This happens, like, twice a year because spending an evening with friends requires a special training in Project Management when you have kids, a job and a husband who has to travel a lot at a very short notice. Both my friends were incredibly well-groomed, with lovely blow dries, make-up and perfect manicures. Me being me, I was my usual self. This means that my hair was a mess, and my make-up virtually non-existent after a long day at work. I can’t remember whether I had had time for a quick top up. Probably not. As for a manicure, well, let’s just say that, in order to save time and money, I am doing it myself, when I think about it. My friends’ clothes were nice and well fitted. Lovely dresses with even nicer prints, all quite close to the body. Mine were very simple: white shirt, and black pencil skirt just above the knee line. As for hosiery, well, since it is almost June I got rid of it. Otherwise in London you need your woollen tights all year long. But I had high heels.
Anyway, this group of guys entered the restaurant. Honestly, they looked like kids to me (like, in their twenties) and I barely noticed them. One of my friends was all excited because she knew (and probably fancied) one of them. I didn’t blink an eye, I thought that they were an unwelcome distraction to what was supposed to be a much-waited girls’ evening. My friend’s acquaintance came to our table to say hello. She was all excited and almost blushed. Her voice was suddenly high-pitched. The guy then started staring and me and asked her whether she could introduce him to me. He then proceeded to quickly look at me (brief stop at the breast, then the face: men are all the same –so predictable!) and smiled, completely forgetting the other girl. He started to try to make small talks. I was very abrupt but it didn’t seem to deter him. I couldn’t believe it. He left eventually.
Both my friends were gutted; I am at least ten years older and probably a stone heavier than them. Why would a guy like this hit on me? Come on, they had tried so hard. On the paper, they were much better looking than me. What is going on?
Well, I don’t know. I speculated that it must be my French side. Or the fact that I didn’t care. Or maybe all this Bikram yoga has finally paid off.
Don’t understand me the wrong way: I don’t intend o become a cougar (not that there is anything wrong with being a cougar). It was nice not to be invisible, for once. But why? And why me? I will never know.
What can I say? Life is unfair. Get over it, girls!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London