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I am wondering how everybody survives the Christmas season. I have spent my days attending  carol concerts and the mandatory parties, buying, wrapping and sending presents all over the world (I haven’t received one for me yet. Christmas is for kids, you see).
But there are some good news. All should be over soon. I am going on holidays tomorrow…Today, after no less than two festive meals and the unwrapping of all the presents, we are off…More will follow soon. But it will be somewhere sunny!

Natasha Bedingfield – Pocketful of sunshine

With this in mind, this morning I braved the cold, and, notwithstanding my sleepiness, I went to Harrods for some last minute shopping. That’s where I saw it. I am not sure how to call it. I believe that it is the closest thing to an urban tank.

This cannot be called a Chelsea tractor. It is pretty much an upgraded version of it. The Knightsbridge tank. It must be a reaction to the August riots. You can survive a siege in it. You just sip your coffee inside the car while the rioters are desperately trying to set you on fire. That’s the only plausible explanation.
Don’t get me wrong: it is an urban jungle out there.  I totally get it. It is also a very versatile vehicle: I am pretty sure that you can add a bazooka on it, just to be extra sure that you are on top of the world. Maybe you can even cross the Channel with it: just imagine the savings on Eurostar and ferry tickets that you would make with such an engine!  Does it become a submarine as well? What do you think?
And of course, should you face a buffalo, you are totally safe. Totally.
The only thing that you are not safe from with it are your inner fears. Even the Knightsbridge tank can’t protect you from them! Well, I will stick to my Chelsea tractor then.
On this note, I wish you all a happy festive season…

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London