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Would you pay a fortune to buy something that was already worn? Apparently, some do. I haven’t really seen it in France, but vintage is big business over here.
Come to think of it, in  France, some well-kept mistresses sell the gifts of their sugar daddies in well-known shops to finance their lifestyle. But that’s as far as it goes and, frankly, I find the whole business model a bit sad. I have never seen this passion for old designer clothes in Paris. Except maybe in fleet markets, when you look for a retro dress. Maybe I just missed the vintage revolution.
Anyway, my question today is: when does a piece of clothing become vintage? If I don’t like a top, can I say that it is vintage and sell it at a premium? After my spring cleaning, I started to have a lot of ‘vintage’  to sell. I used to give old stuff to what I thought was a charity, only to find out that the guy was keeping (most of) it for himself. I felt cheated. Not nice. So instead, I am trying to find ways to make a little bit of cash with my so-called ‘vintage’ -or rather, old clothes that I will never wear again. What can I say, I am becoming stingy. Every little helps, as they say.
Well, it turns out that my ‘vintage’ clothes don’t interest a lot of people. Recycling clothes doesn’t interest a lot of  companies, but you might want to try the usual suspects (eBay, GumTree) and a few others that I didn’t know existed (MusicMagpie, Clothesforcash)
I didn’t make much (a bit less than £50) but hey, you have to start somewhere, right? And I am very grateful for the extra space in my wardrobe!
While I was busy deciding what to take and what to toss, I found a treasure : an old Daniel Hechter skirt with the matching jacket. I had completely forgotten about them and I am not selling it for anything. Have a look at the picture. It is adorable, isn’t it? I am not sure that I would fit in it any more but who cares, I still love it!
Maybe that’s what vintage is about. It is the stuff that you would never, ever sell!
On this note, I will keep on tidying up!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London