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Right now, time is on hold. I am waiting. The thing is, I am probably the least patient person that you have ever met. I read the last chapter of a book shortly after having started it, because I can’t wait. I read summaries of the movies I am going to watch too. I just can’t wait. I hate waiting. It drives me mad.

That said, I have no choice. I have to wait. I am waiting for the school to finish. I am waiting for some important papers for my business. I am waiting for various persons to call me back, but nothing, absolutely nothing, seems to be happening.
Mind you, I am not the only one. Not that it is much consolation. One of my friends is waiting for her boyfriend to propose. My babysitter is waiting for her exam results. My neighbour is waiting for some medical tests results. Everybody is waiting. I am not alone.
In France, I once had a Jesuit school prefect who said something like “You need to see waiting times as times of hope.” Easier said than done. Right now, all I can see in me is anger and impatience. He is right, I know he is right. It is nice to hope, but come on, something has to happen now.
The British way is to have a cup of tea with friends and they will sympathise and say:
“Dear Oh dear, don’t worry, it will happen eventually.”
Eventually. I never really understood when eventually will materialise. How long does it take?
So here I am, waiting and hoping. Something has got to happen, right?

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London