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I have caught up with family. The grocery shopping is done. I think that I am now ready to watch some random French TV.

I sit down and realise that I am watching an American series (CSI I think). It is badly translated in French. Quite funny in fact, although I am not sure that it was the intended effect.

I change channel and I am looking at a programme on how they redecorated a huge farmhouse in a week. The funny thing is that the family insists on having a British telephone box in one of the bedrooms. They seemed to be very Anglophile. Interesting.That said, the designer is really good and I toy with the idea of calling her for my parents’ house, only to feel ashamed of having such a thought. I should be grateful that they let me stay, shouldn’t I? 

I see that there is a French version of the usual reality TV shows. Not interested, thank you very much.

On the bright side, there are less ads than in London. But when I watch the news, I simply can’t stand the condescending tone. I know that you shouldn’t watch TV for an in-depth analysis of societal problems. The journalist make it look like only the French have got it right. There is a (flawed) comparison of pension schemes. Anyone with half of a brain know that the French pension scheme is a ticking time bomb, but the French have just reduced (for some) the number of years you need to work before getting your pension. The French are the only ones to do it but are sure they are right. Absolutely sure. Such an attitude drives me mad.
My daughter gets bored with the programme and put Tom & Jerry on. We are saved. Some things never change!
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