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First of all, thanks for all your responses to this blog hop. I was amazed to see all the reactions and also reassured to read that I wasn’t the only one to have crashed the car in front of my parents (Thanks, Stacey, I will remember it).
I started this blog hop to explore the fact that we are at our most free when we make mistakes. It has something to do with the fact that, if you don’t do anything, well, you don’t make any mistakes. I am still unsure of where this idea will take me, so feel free to help me on that one.
Now, to build on Penelope’s suggestion, I have decided to categorise the mistakes. And this week’s themes is “funny mistakes”
Which one do I choose?  A few years ago, I was working with a big law firm on an even bigger construction case and, come the Christmas season, we were invited to our barrister’s chamber for some Christmas drinks. If you don’t live in the UK, you probably don’t know what a barrister is (I am still struggling with it and it has been 7 years, so don’t worry –it gets worse!!!). To cut a long story short, they have good acting skills and are in charge of convincing the judge of the strengths of your case (this means that, as a client, you have to pay twice: once for the solicitor who prepares your case, and another one for the barrister who presents it.). Oh, and I almost forgot: they wear a wig when they plead –you can’t miss them.

They usually work in lovely buildings around the Temple area in London and have very nice Oxford-type yards and buildings. We arrived at the chamber and got in. After a couple of drinks we started laughing loud and some barristers came to talk to us. We eventually realised that this was the wrong party: they were dealing with criminal cases, which was the reason why we didn’t know anybody.
We swiftly got out and tried to find the right chamber, and a short while after we ended up in the building next door with an even bigger garden (and somehow for once it wasn’t cold –maybe because of the drinks?). We got in without anyone asking anything and had a few drinks and lovely canapés, only to be greeted by the barrister of the other side. Ooops. He was obviously very polite despite being a bit surprised to see us there. We got out again.
We were passably inebriated at this point and decided to have a closer look at the invitation card. I was obviously of no use because even when sober I can’t find my way anywhere. We finally walked a bit further to get to another barristers’ party. Well, suffice to say that it wasn’t the right one either. At this point I decided to call it a night and go back home. To this date I still don’t know where the right party was.
So how about you, what is your funniest mistake?
The rules of the Blog hop are very simple:
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2. Leave a link to your blog below -if you have one-;
3. Share a mistake you have made in the comments. Please do it for the rest of us!
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5. Have fun!

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Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • A funny mistake. I once was so distracted coming out of a store that I got into the wrong car. My brother who was in the car I was supposed to get into was laughing so hard as he sat there watching my expression and the expression of the man in the drivers seat.
    Also I gave you an award over on my blog if you want to check it out.

  • I once attended a wedding with my (then) boyfriend in a gorgeous bug country house. They were his friends and I had never met them before, so upon arrival I made my excuse to pop to the loo and check I didn’t have lipstick on my teeth etc as I wanted to make a good impression.
    I came back out and entered the main hall where the wedding was taking place, but the bride and groom were lined up greeting people so I was asked to get in the queue to congratulate them, which I did, all the while frantically looking around for my boyfriend as I thought it would be easier him introducing me than me intrducing myself given it was their special day. Couldn’t see him anywhere so I approached the bride and groom, shook hands, gave them a kiss on the cheek, congratulated them and then the groom asked who I was, I explained ‘I’m Steve’s girlfriend’
    ‘Who’s Steve? asked the groom. Wrong wedding!!!

  • When I first arrived in Huancayo, I wanted to take a seat on a bench in the main plaza. It was busy that day, so I had to take a seat beside an old man. With my poor Spanish at the time, I ended up asking him, “Can I please feel myself here?” (sentirse) instead of “Can I please sit here?” (santarse). =P

  • I made so many… and many of those funny things have gotten me into trouble too. I was at this friends sisters wedding and all of us were sulking because most of us were single and she was getting married at 21 and she was younger than us. So there is this guy sitting at the table across ours and he starts a conversation and I go ranting about how I hate being at this wedding and how I think the groom is so inappropriate for the little girl. Maybe the sulkiness made me do all that. Turns out, it was the groom’s brother.. yikes!

  • Oh, Muriel, too funny! No, you’re not the only one who crashed your parents’ car while they watched 🙂 and no, you’re not the only one with funny drunken mistakes stories. For me, I probably have about a million!
    I do want to say about being free while making mistakes…. I think I heard an expression once about how you have farther to fall when you stand up for something whereas you can’t fall if you never get up off your knees. Something like that.
    funny mistakes…
    ok, this one’s still a little recent, ouch, but I took a fabulous cooking class on French bistro food (I LOVE cooking and food and I was in HEAVEN). Oh, and the WINE and Champagne were UNLIMITED so … I was in HEAVEN! When it was over, I knew I shouldn’t drive (smart mistake). I suggested calling a friend. But my friend that I was with inisisted that she hadn’t had as much to drink and could drive us home. So I let her (stupid mistake). Luckily we’re fine and my car is an old piece of crap because she found a median and we went flying when we hit it! I almost peed my pants we hit it so hard! My poor old car is not the same. But since we’re all ok, we’re laughing about it now. It’s a joke in our families that any time anyone is drunk, we will get her car to drive it home (but seriously, lesson learned on that one).

  • Muriel can you email me at…..Stacey and I are starting a little writing group and I wanted to see if you were still interested in joining! I don’t see your email listed anywhere on here.

  • Hilarious, Muriel. Sorry that I didn’t read it sooner and now, though I know I’ve made tons of funny mistakes, can’t think of one worth writing about. Thanks for a good laugh.

  • Just the other night, my husband and I went out with 2 other couples to go bar hopping in Nashville. Hubby’s the one who’s pretty familiar with the places so the rest of us just kept following him. We were entering from one bar to the next, some with ‘hidden’ entrances only locals knew of. At some point, I was walking, walking, trying to follow my husband until I realized…he was just going to the men’s room…grrrr….There was a guy that exited and looked at me strange. *sigh*