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Here we are, safely back in London and, after all the hype in New York, London feels really slow, even sleepy. It is very clear to me that the two cities don’t have the same energy, but it’s also good to be home, even in sleepy London!
I had a really good laugh at the funny mistakes that everybody described last week (See here). I especially like Lucylastica2’s one: she picked the wrong wedding –how hilarious! To top it up, I was reassured: I am not the only one to have made silly mistakes (Thank you everybody!).
So this week, I wanted to discuss life-changing mistakes – you know, the type of decisions that you wish you had never made. Again, for this blog hop, I want to explore the idea that you are at your most free when you make a mistake.
So here we are: what are the decisions I wish I had not made? Well, I have made plenty of wrong decisions, so I came up with a short list:
1.     Shortly after graduating, I was offered a job in a well-known bank. I chose not to take it and decided to join the transport industry instead, helping the delivery of new trains and Signalling systems around the world. Maybe if I had worked in a bank I would be richer and life would be that little bit easier. Maybe not. I will never know…
2.     My education was way too French. There were exchange programmes between my universities and foreign universities. I wish I had taken this opportunity to get out of France much sooner. I would have discovered my passion for travel and probably visited more countries. And I would have lost my French accent;
3.     I should have left my job a long time ago – I am much happier now that I am gone, and there was no point in making it linger.
That said, my mistakes are part of me and, to an extent, they have shaped me into who I am. And it’s not worth having regrets, isn’t it? So I have moved on and tried to continue to go ahead (I have to admit that Chocolate and tiramisu have helped me a lot along the way)
So what about you, have you ever regretted your decisions? Please let me know…
The rules of the Blog hop are very simple:
1. Follow me on GFC and Twitter if you have an account – I will follow back ;
2. Leave a link to your blog below -if you have one-;
3. Share a mistake you have made in the comments. Please do it for the rest of us!
4. Visit as many other blogs as you can!
5. Have fun!
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London
  • Hey Muriel,

    Life changing mistakes…many!

    I once got a call letter from a college that I wasn’t hoping I would. I actually didn’t open the letter because I thought – why read a rejection letter – the college was way too good and I was sure it was plain ol rejection letter. When I opened it a few days later, it was an acceptance letter and they loved my application and granted me a seat right without any more interview hassles and all. Sadly I was a day late already.

    This should be the saddest mistake ever actually. I keep thinking – would I have been super successful if I went for that college and would life had been totally different?

  • Ack! That time of the week again! Last week’s mistake has become much more costly than I thought. But the truth is, I don’t really believe in regrets. It just doesn’t seem fair to punish yourself for something you can’t change. what we can change is our present and our future, and some of those ‘regrettable’ experiences help shape us for the better in the end.

  • So my life-changing mistake is actually ongoing – does that count?!

    A year after moving to London I decided to apply to do a part-time Masters to bolster my qualifications in the hope of finally getting a job in the competitive field of International Development. However I definitely did not think through the commitment a two year part-time postgrad degree would require. If I had I’d probably never have done it, or I’d have got it over and done with in a single year. Instead I’ve spent the last two years flitting between a full-time job and evenings of lectures and weekends of study, exhausted and miserable. I had to move out of a flat I shared with friends as it was too much fun and distraction from my studies. I’ve spent the past two Christmas and Easter holidays working away on an essay as my family relaxed. I’ve turned down plenty of fun events I wanted to go to. I’ve used my uni work as an excuse to not bother exercising (bad idea!).

    But in three weeks time it will all be over, and I’m finally working in the field I’ve been desperate to get into. So maybe the sacrifices to my personal life (and my mental stability!) have been worth it…

  • I have been trying to think of things I classify as ‘mistakes’ since you started this blog hop, but I’m finding it difficult – every choice I’ve made has brought me to this place here and now and I wouldn’t change a thing. The only things I could think about are trivial like getting a fringe 🙂

  • I’m on Stacey’s side with this one about not believing in regrets, but there are definitely life-changing moments that make me wonder how different my life would be, like your first “mistake”! =)

    After high school, I was accepted to every single university I applied to across Canada. I wanted to go to the best university in Montreal but didn’t make the commitment. I wasn’t passionate about it and I was also slightly afraid of leaving home at the time. =P I ended up staying home for university and got over my fear of homesickness as early as my 3rd year. =) I haven’t looked back since! =)

  • Okay – first of all, I have to ask – why would you want to lose your french accent? Some people would KILL to have it. I personally find it charming 🙂

    Life changing mistakes? Hmm. That’s a tough one. Is there anywhere I can get a glass of wine on this blog? No? Well…um…okay. When I was studying in Holland, I won a scholarship to study at the US campus of my university. I decided to pass on it because I was homesick. Looking back, I now think that I probably missed out on a huge learning experience. But then again, who knows how my life would have turned out if I had taken it? I’m pretty happy with how things are today 🙂

  • Sorry I can’t participate in the bloghop Muriel, but if it’s O.K. I will just post here (so many committments I’m afraid). First of all, please see the comment I left you at my blog, very important!
    Secondly, when I was seven months pregnant with my third child my husband and I went to an extremely fancy hotel for some kind of meeting. I had to use the washroom and so left the main room and went. When I got there I felt almost surreal. It was like something I never experienced before. On the wall there were these silver things and I couldn’t figure out what they were. I stood rivetted to the spot as the growing realization came over me in hot waves – yes, I had gone into that eternal no female land, where cops are killed and drug deals happen; a man’s washroom! Yikes! I got out of there so fast it was unbelievable, just as a man was walking in with a very strange look on his face. I used the women’s and returned to the main room. “You won’t believe what just happened to me,” I said.
    Thirdly, I’m with Sam. KEEP the accent!