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Today, I was about to tell you that the coffee lady had a black bra under her crisp white shirt and that this was a basic style mistake. That said, all the guys in the queue were looking at her (correction – at her breast). Then, on my way back home, I saw a lady doing her nails while driving (to be fair, there was a huge traffic jam). She was applying her nail polish while driving! I couldn’t believe it. But there is a change of plan. That’s just life!

Thanks to my fellow She-Writer Shelley, the theme of this week’s hop is: literary mistakes.
Now, meet Shelley Workinger: Shelley grew up in Maine, graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans, currently resides in New Jersey, and considers all of them home. “Solid” is her first YA series, and she loves hearing from readers and other writers about the series at:
Twitter: @solidnovel
She also has a fun blog about Food in Fiction, called “But What Are They Eating?” at Please check it out!
Here is Shelley’s hilarious mistake:
The mistake I would like to share today (let’s call it #44 of my repertoire, assuming I’ve made 5 good and memorable ones a year since I was old enough to know better) is a little more literary than lingual.
Right after we were married, my husband went back to school to get his MBA. We were invited to a huge party for our 1st Halloween at Cornell and, even though I’m usually a great costume person who starts construction weeks in advance, for some reason I dropped the ball that year and had to throw something together from our closet’s offerings. I came up with a Lolita-ish schoolgirl outfit (don’t ask why I owned pieces for that ensemble) and a passable Humbert. [Note from Muriel: Humbert is the main character in Nabokov’s novel, the –in-famous Lolita…]
We walked in the door and, literally, the first person we met asked, “Did he write that here?” It only took a handful of similar comments for me to put together that: 

1. Nabokov taught at Cornell, and 

2. Every person at the party knew it but me
Maybe there was a handout at orientation? I don’t know.
I do know that next time I’ll go Long-Island-style Lolita: Miss Amy Fisher and her to-die-for stud muffin Joey Buttafuoco. Thanks to a slow year on cable TV, that’s a story I can talk intelligently about at parties 🙂
If you want to share one of your mistakes please do not hesitate to contact me in the comment section. I will try to cover the following topics:
-Lingual mistakes
-Culinary mistakes
-Style mistakes
-Life-changing mistakes
The rules of the Blog hop are very simple:
1. Follow me on GFC and Twitter if you have an account – I will follow back ;
2. Leave a link to your blog below -if you have one-;
3. Share a mistake you have made in the comments. Please do it for the rest of us!
4. Visit as many other blogs as you can!
5. Have fun!

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