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I was looking at French newspapers over the weekend when it downed on me: most French politicians and, more generally, most French citizen share a similar trait. What is it? No, it is not the clothes. You could argue that, for politicians, it is the background : most of them are graduates of the famous ENA (Ecole Nationale d’Administration), which basically allows them to lead France without having to make a single penny running a business. And, if you must ask, France does have a school for judges. Honestly. But I digress.
We French work under the unwritten assumption that we are different. The usual rules of common sense do not apply to us. Let me explain: apparently, we French are one of the worst countries in terms of fluency in English. Quizzed about this fact, a fellow Frenchman answered back with another question (a classic trick) ‘ how well do other countries speak French’. It is typical, isn’t it? We are the centre of the universe, hence the others should speak French. Of course. How come I hadn’t thought of this?
What is your first reaction when someone tells you ‘well, but this is different’? It usually drives me mad. Being different is too often an excuse not to have achieved something or not to follow the rules. France needs to reduce its debt. 56% of the GDP is spent on public spending (vs 48,5% in this country or even c. 39% in the USA) but massive cuts won’t happen any time soon because we are different. How we will reduce our deficit remains a mystery to me.
Being French has everything to do with being an exception. It is in our genes, and we will always be reluctant to follow the rules. Mind you, such a skill can be an asset when you need to persevere. But, more often than not, it is a hindrance: we just don’t want to change!
I keep being asked when I will move back to France. The sad fact if the matter is that I don’t think that I ever will. I might be French, but I am different.

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