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We are all in this together, right? Right, that’s what I thought too. That said, we often forget how lucky we are. This is why I decided to sponsor a child in India, with a charity called ActionAid. His name is Suresh, he lives in the Orissa (Odisha) province and he is 7 years old. He sent me a beautiful drawing of what makes him dream and guess what: he drew a pile of potatoes. I was stunned. My 7-year old is emotionally blackmailing me to get more Legos and he is dreaming of potatoes. Go figure. 

Sponsoring a child is, for me, a good sanity check. I tend to worry about my daughters’ school exams or birthday parties when in fact an important part of the planet hasn’t access to tap water. Being reminded of this fact is, I believe, a good thing. 

We are indeed very fortunate: we have access to water, food and medical care. It doesn’t prevent me from moaning all the time, and I guess that’s what human nature is about, right? Well, I hope so. I have therefore decided to continue to support Action Aid and will attend their blogging party on the 15th of August (you can see all the details here and maybe join me? ). 

I hope that it will give me new ideas and new topics to blog about. Yes, we tend to take what we have for granted. I sometimes wonder what sort of education I give to my daughters. I am thinking of sending them to do some charity work at some point, with the hope that it will keep them grounded. Raising children is nothing short of a conundrum. Right now, I am spoiling them rotten and they have a very privileged childhood without probably noticing it, because they don’t know anything else. Having said that, why would I give them a hard time? I find the right balance impossible to strike. A happy childhood is such a strength for the future! Sponsoring a child is probably a way for me to try to be a better mother and keep things in perspective. I look forward to my journey with Suresh. 

 We are all in this together. 

 Nb: if you want me to continue to sponsor children and give to charities please don’t forget to join the competition of the summer here ). 

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